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All about horses: how to draw


The talent of the artist is not everyone. But if you are not going to create masterpieces for centuries, but just want to perform images for your own pleasure, learning this is not so difficult.

All about horses: how to draw
For those who want to learn how to draw a horse, but notIt is not worth putting aside such a pleasant lesson. No matter how complex this task does not seem, in fact it is not. You can learn to draw a horse on paper, having only a small skill in drawing figures. A few workouts - and drawings will work out for you better and better.

How to Draw a Horse

The most difficult thing when drawing horses, and othersAnimals - this is the exact observance of proportions. The more approximate they are to the real ones, the more graceful and beautiful the animal will be. Particular attention should be given to such details as the head of a horse and hind legs.

Think about what a finishedDrawing, determine the position of the horse, decide how you place the animal on a piece of paper. Choose for a start simple poses and convenient for viewing angles. For example, start with the image of a horse standing quietly to you sideways.

As the initial outlines for drawingAnimals are comfortable to use geometric shapes. First, we need to outline the main parts of the trunk with the help of circles - head, chest and croup. Try to correctly arrange them relative to each other on a paper sheet. Next draw a contour of the head, neck and legs. Start with the neck line, with its upper bend. In a small circle, mark where the head ends, draw your mouth.

Proceed to drawing the feet. You need to start with those that are closer to you in the figure. Draw two pairs of small circles, indicating the places where the legs bend, connect the lines - so you will outline their position. Hooves can be designated by triangles. Now start sketching your leg muscles. It is most difficult to correctly draw the hind legs of a horse - this is because they are bent backwards.

Minor drawing details

Check the proportions of the intended parts of the body, and,If everything is correct, continue to work. It's time to chart the mane, bend the back, stomach, carefully draw the neck and chest. Throwing the muscles of the legs, chest and neck, you will give the figure of the horse more realism. Determine where on the head will be located ears, nostrils and mouth. To make a good realistic image, the head is best to try to draw separately. After making a few sketches, you will be able to study the bulges and muscles on the horse's head - in the future it will help you to display them correctly.

If you think that everything turns out well,Extra lines in the picture can be erased. Correct the contours of the animal's body, if necessary, and admire your work. There were little things left: to finish small details like eyes, nostrils, to depict mane and tail, draw hooves and make a background.

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