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All about hamsters: how to care


Hamsters have been for many years alreadyOne of the most common pets. Especially popular these tiny, amusing little animals are used in children, since caring for them requires a minimum of necessary knowledge.

Despite the fact that the hamsters resemble their kindRather some fairy-tale creatures or characters of children's cartoons, it should be remembered that these are still living beings and they need to be looked after properly. In order for the hamster as long as possible to please the owner with his touching fuss in the cage, it is necessary to know some simple rules for keeping this animal.

All about the cage

Hamsters in the life of a loner, so it is necessary in timeTo think about whether two or three individuals should be bought at once. It is better to confine oneself to one animal - then it will be calmer both for him and his master. Hamsters of the same sex can not stand each other and often fight, and different-sexed animals are too loving, which is also not always good.

The hamster's cell should be spacious, comfortable andWith horizontal rods - for an animal this is important, because it can often pass the time, climbing on them. In the rest, in the cage there should be only what is needed: a drinker, a container for food, a mineral stone for grinding teeth and a wheel for jogging. By the way, a hamster is a very active and moving animal, so this wheel is simply necessary for it.

To absorb waste productsThe animal floor of the cage should be covered with compressed or granular filler, sawdust or toilet paper. In no case should it be possible to use cotton as the filler, since the hamster in it can get confused and break its own paw. Fracture of the paw for this animal is almost like a death sentence.

Proper care and feeding

It is known that if the house has a cat, then the cage with the hamster should be kept away from this toothy predator. It is best if you have a cat or dog in the house to refrain altogether from buying a rodent.

The hamster cage should be located in that place,Where direct sunlight does not reach. In addition, it should be located away from drafts, batteries or electric heaters. It is also necessary to ensure that nearby there are no small objects to which the animal could reach from the cage.

Complete cleaning in the hamster's dwelling shouldBe made at least once a week, and the place where the animal is accustomed to cope with its natural needs, should be cleaned once a day. It should be noted that the hamster reacts very painfully when someone is managing in his pantry, in which he stores all his food supplies. Therefore, when cleaning the cage, it is better not to touch the pantry.

Ideal food for a hamster - ready-made dryGrain mixtures, cereal sticks, herbal granules, special goodies for hamsters. The rodent will also not give up pieces of fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh greens.

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