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All about the fur: signs of quality manufacturing


Fur things - an indicator of well-being, status, respectability. Fashion for them existed at all times. The quality of the fur is dependent on the fabrication, the softer the fur, the longer the product is worn.

All about the fur: signs of quality manufacturing



Things made of natural fur are beautiful, warm,Fashionable and quite expensive. Therefore, choose them carefully, take care properly, carefully. When choosing products, be guided by the practicality, convenience and grade of raw materials. The grade of fur is determined by three parameters: the density of the pile - the number of defects - the homogeneity of the structure. When buying the product, pay attention to small stitches in place of the removed defects. At fur auctions, the highest grade is given a label-marking, which is attached to the finished item.


An important factor is the quality of the dressing. The strength of the masdra, thickness depends on this. Ideally, it should be elastic, strong, not creep, especially in the area of ​​the seams, have a moderate roughness. If the meat is overdried, little residual fat, then rubbing it with your fingers, you will hear a characteristic paper rustle. With excess fat, the pile will be greasy, an unpleasant smell is possible. On the imperfection of dressing speaks rough, thick skin. The thing from badly made skins is "a stake". The yellow color of the wrong side says that the fur is old.


Fur variety affects. Expensive, light, but not very good goods - chinchilla, its cheap analogue is a rabbit. For a long time there are products from the beaver, otter, raccoon dog. On the second place on the wear - mink, marten, sable. The heavy furs include a sheepskin, an otter. Convenient and practical products are made from mink. Fox, Arctic Fox have a long nap and will be perfectly warmed in frosts.


The most common fur of mink. It is short, soft, has a beautiful shine, it has many natural shades. Spectacular fox - a species of fox - possesses long and fluffy wool black and white, with a silvery tint of color. The "king" of the bellows is sable. Valued for wear, beauty, rarity. Because of the high cost, they are more often used for collars, cuffs. Fur coats and hats from a raccoon with a long two-colored pile are in demand. Arctic fox is white and blue. More valuable is blue, with a dark gray color and a thick undercoat. Karakul is the favorite fur of Soviet leaders. He has a soft wavy pile with an iridescent shine.

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