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All about currants: how to plant


Currant is considered an unpretentious plant, pleasing a generous harvest. If you properly take care of it, you can enjoy berries even in winter. After all, they make a delicious jam.

Planting of currant
Waiting for the harvest will not be long, becauseCurrants give it the next year. However, for this you need to do everything to make the plant take root, so you need to learn the secrets of its correct planting. In this case, you will be able to enjoy ripe, juicy berries.

Selection of seedlings

It is important to know that a significant role in the planting of currantsPlays a selection of seedlings. This issue should be approached seriously. For example, experts do not recommend the purchase of seedlings from their hands, as they often carry carriers of various diseases and contain larvae of harmful insects. In addition, you should give up buying long-dug plants. After all, the earth coma in them is parched, and the root system has disintegrated. It is recommended to give preference to seedlings that have at least 4 strong shoots, without visual damage.

Optimum time and landing site

To plant a currant, the ideal time isFirst half of autumn. The place for planting this fruit bushes is necessary to look ahead, best in the summer. In this case it will be possible to notice the degree of illumination. Currant is a light-loving plant, but it also tolerates penumbra. Due to the fact that the roots of the bush are shallow, the soil can be chosen almost any way - chernozem, sandy or loamy. From a person it will only be necessary to monitor the optimum level of its hydration.

Disembarkation of bushes

When it is planned to land several bushes,It must be taken into account that the distance between them should be approximately 1.5 meters. For this reason, before planting the currant, it is necessary to plan the plot, making marks on the ground. Under each bush will need to dig a hole depth of 35 cm and a diameter of about half a meter. After this, you need to carefully loosen the bottom of the pit. Earth experts recommend abundantly sprinkle with a mixture of wood tar and superphosphate.

Then the humus layer is laid. Then the roots of the bush can be lowered to the bottom of the hole. Now you should pour a pit on the ground and lightly ram it. After planting, the bushes should be watered. In this form, the currant remains until spring. As soon as the heat becomes, the plant must be thinned and the remaining branches cut 1/3. It is recommended to spend the whole procedure of planting the fruit bushes together. This measure will lessen the root system of the plant and significantly speed up the process.

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