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All about cholesterol: why it rises


Some people know that there is such a thingSubstance as cholesterol, which can be deposited on the walls of blood vessels and gradually clog them. And this leads to a number of diseases, up to a heart attack and stroke.

All about cholesterol: why it rises



You must constantly monitor the contentCholesterol in the blood to avoid health problems. The main thing is to minimize the consumption of foods rich in this substance, because it is because of them that its level rises. However, there are a number of other reasons why the level of cholesterol can increase. The use of foods rich in cholesterol is just one of the reasons for raising its level, although the most important. Fatty meat (especially pork), lard, butter, smoked meat, ham, homemade sausages, cream, fatty milk, will hardly be completely excluded from their diet, but it is quite possible to reduce the consumption of such products to a reasonable minimum. It is much more useful to consume lean meat and fish, as well as vegetables, fruits, berries, greens. Try also to eat as few products as possible, which include palm and coconut oil.


A sedentary lifestyle that has become the mostA real "scourge" of many modern people, especially residents of large cities, also contributes to the increase of cholesterol. If you somehow do not have the time and the opportunity to play sports, at least take for the rule of doing morning exercises, climb the stairs, without using elevators, more to walk.


Overweight is another of the "risk factors". Do your best to lose weight. One of the most reliable ways is to make adjustments to food, while minimizing the consumption of the above-described fatty foods. You will get a double benefit: and lose weight, and reduce the risk of increasing cholesterol.


The age factor also plays a role. Doctors have long established that men in the range of 20 to 50 years, the level of cholesterol rises, and then can stop. In women, before the onset of menopause, the cholesterol level is quite low, and then it can grow dramatically. Therefore, after 40 years, women need to regularly monitor their health, for example, to take tests.


Genetic predisposition is alsoIncreases the risk of increasing cholesterol. If you have people with such problems in your family, do a blood test more often. The level of cholesterol can rise and from smoking. Here's another additional weighty argument to throw this addiction. Finally, cholesterol can rise due to problems with the endocrine system, especially with the pancreas or thyroid gland.

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