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All about cameras: how to choose

Now the camera is in every house, becauseIt is quite necessary thing: to take a picture of a child, and to capture a family celebration. In addition, the market of photographic equipment is constantly updated, new models are getting cheaper, so you can easily buy a camera.

Digital cameras: the present and the future

It's not a problem to buy a camera for a beginner whoGoes to the store and gets what his gaze falls. But if a person starts to prepare, read reviews about cameras on the Internet, compare and look for the best, then there are difficulties in choosing.

Film cameras are irretrievably gone inThe past, because now it's easier to take pictures on a digital camera and immediately see what happened on the computer. In addition, the computer makes it possible to edit the resulting image at its discretion. This is convenient, because in the last decade digital cameras have rapidly captured the entire market of this segment.
Among digital cameras are allocated asA minimum, a soap box, a compact, a SLR camera. How to decide the choice? You can, of course, ask the seller in the store. However, it often turns out that he knows even less of his buyer. Or, on the contrary, heaped up with a bunch of incomprehensible, nothing for an uninitiated person of not meaningful terms.

So, first you need to decide what exactly is needed for the camera and what budget is put under this purchase. Then you need to arm yourself with a little knowledge in the field of photographic equipment.

It's worth knowing that the soap dish is completelyAutomatic camera, in which there is a flash and a non-removable lens, more often - a zoom. This is one of the cheapest and affordable types of photographic equipment. For example, the most inexpensive options: Panasonic GF3, Olympus E-PM1. Today, prices for cameras-soap dishes start from 2.5 thousand rubles.

A compact camera is a class higher than a soap box,Accordingly, and costs more. Has manual settings, which are absent in the automatic soap box. It also has a lot of weight compared to soap dishes, the best photosensor (matrix) and the lens, which has good aperture. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 will be a good option among the compacts.

Mirror cameras have a manual setting of allElements, with the basic settings made for convenience directly on the camera body, and not hidden in the menu, like a compact. Mirrors have the ability to change optics, which is not in the soap box and compact, as well as a large high-quality mat. They have a lot of weight. This is the best thing you can buy from cameras. Although their cost starts from 25 thousand rubles. However, a mirror camera can shoot objects in motion, which can not be said about a soap box. A good purchase will be a SLR camera Nikon D5100.

"Advanced" CD

If there is no money for a SLR camera, thenNezerkalok get an "advanced" compact with the ability to change optics. If you look good, you can find such a camera with a large, like a mirror, a matrix. In general, the quality of the matrix when choosing a camera is important, because it is in this place that the image is born. The ability to change the lens is not the last characteristic of the camera, because each lens serves its purposes. Canon PowerShot SX120 IS, Nikon Coolpix L110, Nikon Coolpix P500 are compact non-mirror cameras of good quality.

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