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How to level your posture


The best way to correct your posture is to exercise</a>

Beautiful posture gives the appearance of beauty and become. Such a person certainly causes respect and attracts attention.

However, in school days, many children suffer from posture due to prolonged sitting at the desk.

In the student years, this continues, and if you are still working, sitting in front of the computer in the office - you think you can only dream about a good posture.

Although this is not so.

There are many exercises to correct posture.



Determine the reasons why you do not like yourHunched look. Posture is your spine. Accordingly, it depends on his position, good posture or not. And not only that with a twisted spine you do not look very presentable - it also affects the health of the body as a whole. The easiest way to influence the correction of the curvature of the spine in childhood or adolescence. At this age, the bones are not yet sufficiently strengthened and are amenable to correction. But an adult person, after hard work, can achieve a beautiful posture.


Do not try to constantly monitor the conditionBack. If you are humbling for a long time, this can not be corrected by one self-control. On the contrary, it will cause you great inconvenience and will not bear any fruit. You need to ensure that the spine is automatically and effortlessly in a straight line.


Competently organize your place to sleep. It is in a dream that the spine relaxes, so the bed should be a healing place for him. It is best to purchase an orthopedic mattress. A good influence on the spine is provided by water mattresses.


Go in for sports. It is best to perform exercises under the supervision of a doctor or coach at a fitness club. But some elements for relaxing and strengthening the spine can be performed independently. Lie on your back, hands to the sides with your hands down, legs bend in your knees as hard as possible. On inspiration, bend the chest up, but the lower part of the trunk, hands and head remain on the floor. Execute several times.


Stand on your knees, raise your hands above your head,Palm turn forward. Slowly lean forward, sit on the heels. The back should be straight. Touch the palms of the floor, relax the back muscles and also slowly rise. To strengthen the muscles of the neck, lie on your stomach, put your hands on the back of your neck. Raise your head from the floor as high as possible, do not lift the body. Push your hands on your head to increase tension in your muscles.


These and other exercises performed regularly will help you to strengthen the spine and get a beautiful Posture. As they say, they meet on clothes. But the posture also always looks great, so do not be lazy, work on it. After all, the appearance can affect the changes in life.

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