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The best way to correct posture will help exercise

Beautiful posture gives the appearance of beauty and stature. Such a man certainly commands respect and attracts attention.

However, during his school years many children go bad posture due to long sitting at a desk.

As a student, this is going, and if you are still working, sitting in front of a computer in the office - about good posture, it seems you can only dream of.

Although it is not so.

There are many exercises to correct posture.



Determine the reasons why you do not like yourhunched appearance. Posture - it is your spine. Accordingly, from his position, and determines whether or not a good posture. And not only that the curvature of the spine, you do not look too presentable - it also affects the body's overall health. The easiest way to affect the correction of spinal curvature in childhood or adolescence. At this age, the bones become stronger and still not amenable to correction. But the adult work hard can achieve a beautiful posture.


Do not try to constantly monitor the state ofback. If you long enough humps, one self-control is not correct. On the contrary, it will bring you great discomfort and will not bring any fruit. You need to ensure that the spine is automatically and without effort is in direct state.


Properly organize your place to sleep. It relaxes the spine during sleep, so the bed should be a place of healing for him. It is best to buy a mattress. Good effect on the spine have water mattresses.


Engage in physical activity. It is best to do the exercises under the supervision of a physician or a trainer in a fitness club. But some elements for relaxation and strengthening the spine and can be performed independently. Lie on your back, pull your hands apart, palms down, bend your legs at the knees as much as possible. On the inhale bend the chest up, but the lower part of the torso, arms and head remain on the floor. Run several times.


Get on your knees, put your hands over your head,Turn the palm forward. Slowly lean forward, sit on your heels. The back should be straight. Touch the floor with his hands, relax your back muscles and also slowly rise. To strengthen the neck muscles, lie on your stomach, put his hands on his head. Lift your head off the floor as high as possible, do not lift the body. Hands push on the head to increase the tension in the muscles.


These and other exercises are performed on a regular basis will help you to strengthen the spine and get a nice posture. As they say, meet on clothes. But the posture and always looks a winner, so do not be lazy, work on it. After all, the appearance can influence the changes in life.

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