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Align wall putty

Align wall putty - enough popular method of surface preparation for subsequent finishing.

Working with putty - not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.

The main thing - do not forget that the use offillings, as a way of surfacing only for walls, with small defects in other cases, drawing on the wall putty is only the final stage of a complex multi-step process.

First you need to prepare all the necessaryInstruments: narrow and wide spatula, roller and brush for priming and cuvette with a flat bottom. The consistency of putty must be such that during the agitation, the cone, which is formed from the wand movements, kept good shape, and the solution is not slipping from the trowel. Putty quickly thickens, so in the process should be periodically or primer diluted with water.

At the beginning of work on the surface of the wall is applieda small amount of solution with a spatula, then vertical and horizontal movements of the filler are aligned so that the mixture layer was 1.2 mm, while holding the spatula angle. The greater the angle spatula, so, consequently, is less putty layer distributed on the surface.

After the "curing" filler, it should be flushedusing a primer to remove the existing bumps and nodules. After this procedure, a layer of putty must be dry throughout the day. After this time, the wall must be treated with fine sandpaper to smooth out all the rough edges and make a perfectly flat wall.

You can apply a second coat if necessaryfillings, but before that the finished surface must be covered with primer and allow to dry. If not primed walls crack dried up layer. A day of the second layer is also polished using sandpaper.

The alignment of the walls with their hands finishing putty should be made on the same technology that and leveling using the base fillings, but the finish layer should be thinner.

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