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How to align the hair dryer

How to align the hair dryer

Smooth and shiny hair look more well-groomed, and styling - neat.

To achieve this, you can use a specially designed for such actions utjuzhkom.

And when this unit is not at hand or you do not want them to spoil the hair, you can align unruly curls with a hair dryer.

Technology aligning hair with a hair dryer

Wash your hair using familiarmeans - to lay clean, damp strands will be much easier, and the hair will be more beautiful and neat. Then carefully dab them with the towel that with them dripping comb and a plastic comb with a few teeth. After that, apply a strand Heat protective tool that will help protect hair from the adverse effects of hot air during drying.

To curls straightened easier, better pre-wash your hair with shampoo for smooth hair.

Slightly dry the curls hairdryer arbitraryway - thanks to not have to spend much time on installation. Kill the 2/3 head of hair at the back, so it does not interfere with the lower dry hair. Then dry with a hair dryer strand of small, holding a round comb under the hair from the top down. The air flow in this case should be directed to the growth of hair and comb to pull down with little effort.
Once completely dry, and pull onelock, skip to the next. Then release another part of the hair and place them in the same way a strand by strand. And in the end make a parting in the usual place, and place top curls with bangs, if you have it.
To fix the result and leave hairdirect for a long time, it is necessary to fix the styling. You can use varnish strong fixation that does not stick hair. But the best option - to put locks on the wax. To do this, take the hands of 0.5-1 cm this means, rub it between your palms and then slide his hands through his hair, a little digging into them with your fingers. Wax will weight a little hair, not gluing the hair and keep packing for a long time.

To smooth hair began to curl again, avoid long walks in the rain or fog time. Or head to fling large hood.

A few secrets of effective hair straightening hairdryer

Pulling hair dryer do not wet, but muchdamp curls - then the installation will look like after a visit to the salon, and will continue for a long time. Almost dry strands pulled nice it will be very difficult, especially if the hair is prone to curling.
To better straighten hair, hair must be put on the hot air. And so it does not burn the hair, the device is not necessary to bring them too close or delay long in one place.
To lay the need to use largeround hairbrush, and always with a hard bristle brush. Plastic brushes are not suitable because their teeth can be melted by the hot air and get tangled in your hair. You also can not use a comb whose teeth have a slight thickening at the ends.

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