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How to align the angles

How to align the angles

It happens that the furniture skew angles.

This may be due to poor quality of the material from which the furniture is made.

Corners can be jagged due weight of the furniture.

Set with jagged angles looks not so nice, there do not close the door.

You will need

  • Drill, drill, belt clip or clamp, cardboard, level, screwdriver, sleeve with an internal thread and recess at the end of screw.



For a start, inspect the furniture and using a spirit level, check which angles warps. Then (again with the help of the level) to manually align angles furniture, bring them into a state in which theyYou should be. It is best to make this work together, it's more convenient. Secure the correct position using the clamp angles. Between her jaws lay cardboard to avoid damaging the furniture.


Now the furniture is necessary to seal completely. Find a suitable place - such that the attachment is not conspicuous. In these places, you need to drill holes. In size, they must match the diameter of the connecting hardware. Drill carefully, very slowly, without deviating from the right angle in relation to the furniture surface. Behind lay a piece of wood. He needed to hole has not passed through the rear wall of the furniture.

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When the holes are ready, they must be well cleaned,remove all burrs and irregularities. Next, insert the sleeve on the one hand, holding it with a screwdriver, and on the other - the screw. Then you need to fasten the screw carefully. This process only seems simple, actually sits on the seat fasteners at once, will have to sweat. But now your furniture is beautiful, with right angles.

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