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Alcove - what is it, its placement and advantages


Alcove is a niche or indentation in the room. When used correctly, it saves space, creates coziness and elegance in the room.

Alcove - what is it, its placement and advantages

The highlight of a modern apartment or house will be a room with an alcove.

Because this is not only a component of design, butAnd functional room. If there is a desire or need for a room to highlight a zone or hide it from guests, alcove is the easiest and best solution.

To create such a project it is necessary to closeOne of the walls in the room completely. The allocated area under the alcove can occupy a sleeping place or working area, while the space on the sides of the created niche can be occupied by shelves, cabinets.

The wall with the window will be an excellent solution forCreating an alcove for a sleeping area. The bed should be made below the level of the window sill, which is later used as a bedside table. During the day, from the prying eyes, the alcove can be covered with decorative curtains.

The alcoves can be used in the kitchen. Niches, designed in the kitchen, are very convenient for embedding a slab, desktop or sink. To create an alcove in the kitchen, you can, for example, use a loggia with access from the kitchen. When using an alcove in the kitchen, you can visually adjust the shape of the room and rationally use the kitchen area.

When creating an alcove, it must be remembered that thisDesign, fills any cavity. In apartments or houses there are places that are difficult to use. It can be, the space under the stairs, the attic space, apartments in which the high ceilings. You can create a sleeping place for children in an alcove, because children in a confined space have a greater sense of security. Created alcove alone or with the help of professional designers will give comfort and convenience to the room.

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