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ALCOHOLISM: stages and treatment


Alcoholism: Stages and Treatment</a>

Alcoholism is a pathological attraction to alcoholic beverages. Disease affects men and women.

Recently, teenage beer alcoholism is increasingly diagnosed, which is much more difficult to cure.

Stages of alcoholism

At the first stage the alcoholic uses alcoholDrinks once or twice a week. At this time there is still no physical and psychological dependence. However, to refuse to sit around with friends is rather difficult. Before the use of alcohol, the mood improves, a burst of vitality. The morning hangover syndrome passes quickly, it does not cause any special problems. There is no craving for alcohol.

At the second stage of alcoholism, the patient experiencesAn irresistible attraction to alcohol. There is the ability to drink, a lot of strong alcohol, not getting drunk. The next morning, a strong hangover is worried, which inevitably entails further drinking and drinking.

At the third stage of the disease, tolerance toAlcohol is lost. One glass of vodka is enough for strong intoxication with the subsequent desire, by all means, to become drunk. It is at this stage that deep bouts occur, ending with acute psychosis.

Treatment of alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic disease, andGet rid of it completely impossible. You can only prolong remission. The treatment is selected for each patient individually by a physician, a narcologist. But the patient himself must decide that it's time to get rid of the addiction forever.

At the first stage, a hangover is stopped. In a hospital inpatient, alcohol addiction is administered special solutions that help quickly remove the products of alcohol breakdown from the body.

In the second stage, the patient is assignedAntidepressants, neuroleptics, if alcoholism is associated with depression or mental illness. To eliminate relapses, psychotherapy is recommended. Close cooperation with a narcologist helps to achieve long-term remission and prevent disruption.

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