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Alcoholism: stage and treatment

Alcoholism: stage and treatment

Alcoholism - pathological attraction to alcohol. Disease susceptible men and women.

In recent years, more and more often diagnosed teenage beer alcoholism, which is much more difficult to cure.

alcoholism Stages

In the first step an alcoholic drink alcoholdrink once or twice a week. At this time there is still a physical and psychological dependence. However, renounce togethers with friends is difficult. Before the use of alcohol improves mood, there is a surge of vitality. Morning hangover passes quickly, it does not cause any problems. Link is not sober.

In the second stage of alcoholism patient experiencesan irresistible attraction to alcohol consumption. It appears ability to drink large amounts of strong alcohol without getting drunk. In the morning worried about a strong hangover that inevitably entails a further intake of alcoholic drinks and booze.

In the third stage of the disease to the toleranceAlcohol is lost. One glass of vodka enough for a strong intoxication, followed by desire, by all means, get drunk. It is at this stage is undergoing profound binges, ending with acute psychosis.

alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism - a chronic disease, andcompletely impossible to get rid of him. One can only prolong remission. Treatment selects for each patient individually physician psychiatrist. But it is the patient himself has to decide it was time to get rid of the pernicious craving.

In the first stage docked hangover. In the hospital the patient alcoholism introduced special solutions that help rapidly excrete the products of alcohol breakdown.

In the second phase the patient is prescribedantidepressants, antipsychotics, if alcoholism is associated with depression or mental illness. To eliminate the recurrence of therapy is recommended. Close cooperation with narcologists helps to achieve long-term remission and prevent breakdowns.

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