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Alcoholic cocktails «Bazooka Bubblegum»

Alcoholic cocktail «Bazooka Bubblegum»

Cocktail «Bazooka Bubblegum» was created by an American bartender Eden Freeman exclusively for the female audience.

The second name of the drink - "Cocktail for a glamorous blonde."

Initially, as the basis for a drinkWe used an unusual vodka with a taste of gum, because the very name of the cocktail comes from the name gum pink. Then he began to add itself gum.

This "pink" will enjoy a cocktail at any party popularity.

You will need

  • - 2 cups vodki-
  • - 16 pcs. gum pink colors-
  • - Half of the egg belka-
  • - Glass lda-
  • - 1 tbsp. spoon lime juice, juice limona-
  • - 1 tbsp. spoon sugar syrup.



Chewing gum, cut into small pieces. Mix it with vodka in a sealed dish (convenient to mix in a shaker). Take a sweet chewing gum can be flavored with strawberries.


Close dishes / Shaker, clear at night in a dark place to drink a good basis for the present.


Every 6 hours is recommended to shake the vodka and chewing gum, while the taste of the basics will be brighter and more saturated.


After a day strain the mixture, put back into the shaker, add fresh lime juice and lemon, pour sugar syrup and add half the egg white.


Beat a cocktail mixture of half a minute, then pour it into a glass with crushed ice.


You can drink decorate a slice of lemon or lime. The final touch - it is a beautiful straw for cocktails and all - cocktail «Bazooka Bubblegum» is ready!

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