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Alcoholic cocktails based on coffee

Alcoholic cocktails based on coffee

Cocktails made with the addition of coffee or tea, fine tone.

Even alcoholic drinks can be charged for the whole day in a good mood and cheerfulness, if you add them coffee.

Cocktail "Ryabinushka"
Ingredients (one serving):
- 200 ml of carbonated water-
- 100 grams of canned fruit or yagod-
- 20 ml of a mountain ash nalivki-
- 20 ml of coffee siropa-
- Edible ice.
Mix the coffee syrup with mountain ash tincture. Fill glasses with ice cubes and fruit, pour them into the resulting mixture, add sparkling water.
Cocktail "Frick"
Ingredients (one serving):
- 100 ml of the drink "Fanta" -
- 40 ml of liquor "Mint" -
- 40 ml of coffee siropa-
- The ice cubes.
Mix mint liqueur syrup, pour into glasses, add ice. Fill a cocktail Fanta, served at the table.
Cocktail "Coffee King"
Ingredients (one serving):
- 200 ml moloka-
- 60 ml cream liqueur "Cocoa" -
- 50 ml of coffee siropa-
-. 1 teaspoon ground coffee-
- ice cubes.
Mix the milk, cream and liqueur coffee syrup, whip in a blender. Fill a fragrant mixture of tall glasses, add ice. Sprinkle the finished cocktail with ground coffee, do not mix.

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