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Northern Airport (Novosibirsk): a memory of the former glory


Airport "Severny" was once the onlyThe airport of a large Siberian city - Novosibirsk. Then it began to function simultaneously with another airport - Tolmachevo, and in 2011 it simply stopped its work.

Significance of the airport

Airport "Severny", which residents of the city oftenCalled simply the City Airport, was built in 1929 in the city of Novosibirsk: from the city center it was separated only about 5 km, so it was quite possible to get here by public transport, for example, a trolleybus. For almost 30 years, until 1957, it remained the only air hub in the city, until a larger complex was built-the Tolmachevo airport.

After the opening of the latter airport, "North"Which is much inferior to it in size and throughput, fell into the background for its transport significance. He began to receive and send mainly domestic flights, while Tolmachevo transported the entire volume of international air transportation directly connecting Novosibirsk with other states. Nevertheless, during the Soviet era, the volume of domestic air transportation, ensuring the movement of citizens within a large country, was significant enough to provide an acceptable load to the Severniy Airport.

Airport Today

The situation has changed markedly with the collapse of the Soviet UnionUnion, when domestic air transport significantly decreased, concentrating mainly on the main lines, for example, such as the route Novosibirsk-Moscow. As a result, the city airport suffered losses for several years, and the owner decided to terminate his work. Officially, the sending and receiving of flights at the Severny airport were suspended on February 1, 2011, and since then they have not been renewed.

Currently, the role of the airport in the life of the cityLooks somewhat vague. On the one hand, it maintains its relationship with aviation: for example, the Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant is still located on its squares, and the former airport runways are sometimes used for take-off and landing of helicopters. On the other hand, significant empty areas of the airport attract the attention of the organizers of various events, such as music festivals, car races and others.

The city authorities have their own view of theThe possible direction of development of this territory: in the next 15 years it is planned to build a residential neighborhood, thereby using empty spaces to create new housing. However, however, the airport building itself is supposed to be preserved as an architectural monument.

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