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Aggressive child: tips for parents

Roughness and even open aggression of children byRelation to others, alas, are not uncommon. To cope with the problem, it is important to understand the reasons for its occurrence. In addition, you need to learn to keep yourself in hand when dealing with an aggressive child, so as not to respond even more violent anger.

If the baby bites, beats you or other children,It breaks toys, it does not mean that your child is difficult. Perhaps, behaving aggressively towards others, the kid tries to attract your attention, learn the boundaries of what he is allowed to or feel his own importance. Or is it a crisis of age and the definition of a new status. In any case, the child should be sure of parental love and know that mom and dad will always understand and help.

Some children go to another room, to the kitchen,In the bathroom and close there, trying to cope with the anger and resentment yourself. Especially difficult are situations where parents want to talk with a baby, stop it, and an angry, aggressive child does not obey. What to do? The answer is simple - leave your child alone for at least half an hour-hour. When the baby calms down, you can safely talk with him.

If the child bites, rushes at you withFists, squeeze it in strong embraces and take out of the room. This is a good way to divert attention and show that you will not allow yourself to be offended. Calmly explain to the kid that you understand his anger and irritation, but do not allow to rush at you or attack other people.

To curse and shame your child at this momentIt is useless, because it is the same aggression on your part, only passive. In addition, it is unlikely that a child will listen to you at that moment and correctly perceive them. In a calm tone, tell the baby that you, too, sometimes get angry, especially when something does not work out for you. The child should know that you are condemning his deed, not his.

Teach your son or daughter to cope with feelingsAnger and irritation. Explain that you can take a piece of paper and tear it, punch a pillow or bite a pencil. It is important that the baby does not tolerate aggression on people, animals, all living things.

Sometimes parents allow an aggressive childDo everything he wants, if only he calms down. In doing so, they show the kid that an attack, shouts, hysterics can achieve a lot. At the same time, the authority of parents suffers, in which the child sees support and a guarantee of safety. Several years of such education, and it will be too late to ask what to do if the child does not obey Mom and Dad and respects only brute force. That's why, if you can not cope with child aggression yourself, you should contact a specialist for advice.

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