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AGAVE: a plant for the lazy

Agave: a plant for the lazy

Agave is one of those plants, the cultivation of which handle even an inexperienced grower. Caring for her is simple, but you need to know and follow some basic rules.

The result is a healthy and nutritious plant.

Homeland agave is Mexico. That is why a succulent used to bright sunlight and heat. These conditions are especially necessary to him in the period of active growth. In turn, during the rest agave requires dry soil and cool temperatures. However, the plant is easy to adapt to life in the ambient conditions, it is not always possible to provide the perfect setting for it.

A pot of agave is best to put on the southernor south-east window. In particularly hot days, try not to spray the leaves, as a drop of water can become a kind of lens and cause burns. If possible, regularly take out a succulent in the open air. From time to time clean the leaves of agave from dust.

In summer the plant feels comfortable at a temperature of 20-25 ° C degrees, and winter - roughly 10-12oS degrees.

In the summer time, you need to water the agaveliberally, using warm water defended. With the onset of winter moisture intake should be reduced to two times a week. Watering succulent must be carefully and ensure that the water does not reach the outlet.

In the period of active growth of agave it is recommended to feed a special fertilizer or complete mineral complex. The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week.

As the transplant is carried out. Young specimens need it every year, and more adults - once in several years. The soil can be bought ready-made or make yourself. Well, if it will consist of equal parts of sand, leaf and turf ground. When transplanting do not forget about the drainage.

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