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Against aging and wrinkles: peptides in anti-aging cosmetics

Anti-aging and wrinkles: peptides in anti-aging cosmetics

Peptides - organic compounds,is a chain of amino acid residues. A specific sequence of residues characterizes the specific type of peptides and their effects in humans.

For example, so-called peptide hormones and neuropeptides, are involved in cell regeneration, "immune" peptides shield the body of toxins.

Several peptide complexes used in cosmetology for the creation of anti-aging formulas.

collagen quality deteriorates with age - likeany physical body, he suffers from external influences: UV, free radicals and disruptions in the body, as well as normal wear and tear "building material". As a result, the frame of the connective tissue, which is built of collagen loses its firmness and elasticity.

The skin cells - fibroblasts - are synthesizedcertain types of collagen, which consist of specific amino acids and their protein cementitious essentially "guaranteed" quality collagen. If violated its synthesis, from the outside it is impossible to introduce a protein - its molecules are too large. But it is possible by means of substance-enhancer (conductors) to enter short protein fragments - peptides. Various combinations of amino acid residues in the skin of some trigger mechanisms, in particular those associated with the regeneration of cells.

Thus, the tetrapeptide dekorilin returnsuniformity stimulates collagen structure and its production. Collagen synthesis increases Matrixyl - palmitoyl pentapeptide. The amino acid sequence indicates it organism that produces the protein epidermis is insufficient. Argireline (acetyl hexapeptide) and complex SYN®-AKE (synthetic analogue of snake venom) act as muscle relaxants - they block the transmission of nerve impulses to the facial muscles, which ultimately remain relaxed and not reduced. Thus it is possible to correct wrinkles.

Good anti-aging must containa sufficient percentage of peptide - a minimum of 5-6% for basic daily care, and 10% or more - for an intensive renovation. When choosing a cream with peptides need to choose the means in which the peptides are as close as possible to the top of the list of ingredients - usually right after the emulsifiers (which should not be much). If the peptides are in front of preservatives, it is better not to take a useless product - active substances in it are just fractions of a percent.

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