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AFTER what class should leave school

After a class is to leave school

With the maturation of the child in front of him and his parents raises a very important question: after which class is best to leave the school and continue their studies at another institution.

At the moment, the choice of the parents and children is quite large.

And it all depends on what plans for the future builds the child and his family.

Some schools accept children on the basis of 7 - 8classes. Although at this age kids are rarely clear, with a profession they would like to connect my life. Typically, these schools provide basic general education and parallel to any working specialty. Since such schools usually do not have high demands for knowledge of the applicants. Therefore, most often at such a young age there are those who can not be in the walls of the school for various reasons.

After 9th grade, all students receive a certificate anddeemed to have acquired the basic general education. This is the minimum level of education, which should receive Russian citizens. After graduating from primary school flow entering the various professional schools are large enough. This is due to the fact that many children at this age are quite what they want to do. And if this profession can be obtained at the college or college, there is no need for two more years in school.

As a result, after the 9th grade in school or returnthose who chose a profession that you want to receive higher education. Or, the child does not know what he wants from the future and takes a kind of "time out" for reflection.

You can often find parents whoThey insist that the child will certainly finished 11 years of schooling. They can justify their insistence different occasions. But do not forget that a child may very well be your opinion. And you must listen to it. If a child wants to learn a profession that can be learned on the basis of 9 classes, then it's absolutely no need to lose two years in school. Sometimes it is even harmful - for the last two years the student may lose all interest in his studies. Indeed, in this case, it was not his desire and choice.

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