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African style in the interior

African style in the interior

African style will always remind you of your vacation, the scorching sun and the exotic.

It's pretty bright and colorful style, but it is very easy and free.



African style is quite minimalist inFor furniture, so free interior for maximum. Windows are often left with no curtains, instead of them do the wooden latticed shutters. The African-style ceiling is decorated with exposed beams, of course, in the apartment of problematic stick hefty wooden beams, but now there are a lot of decorative beams. For example, select polyurethane beams, paint in the appropriate color and the desired effect is created. The beams can be extended to the walls and ceiling and even tighten the coarse fabric or decorate with bamboo.


If you want to keep a simple ceiling, thePaint it white, sand or other stylistic color. For Africa scheme are natural colors - ivory, beige, ocher, orange, red, brown. As an accent color using black, green, blue. The walls are stained with the light of this palette. You can apply the painting or at least paste over the wall. As in painting, and in the wallpaper, apply the African ornaments, animal prints.


Gender in the African style, or wood, orstone. Tree, select close, such as wenge. Instead, the stone can take terracotta tiles. On the floor of the skin will look appropriate animal and woven mats. If you decide to arrange textiles windows, choose simple curtains, plain color or vice versa, with colorful ornaments. Do not like curtains, take the bamboo blinds.


Africa is characterized by a massive furniture and slightlyrough, often decorated with carved geometric designs, leather inserts. Furniture is made mostly of dark wood and rattan. Upholstered furniture upholstered hides, leather or ornamental cloth.


As accessories purchase a mask,clay and wooden utensils, spears, traditional African musical instruments. Make a mural on the wall of the tissue with an ornament, Africa ornaments differ unusual brightness, this panel is sure to become a bright accent. As houseplants select palm hovei.

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