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AILUBIN: reviews and instructions for use



Aflubin? It is a homeopathic preparation that has antiviral activity and has an immunostimulating effect.

It can be used during epidemics for the prevention and treatment of colds and flu.

Aflubin: instructions for use

The structure of Aflubin includes such plantComponents like aconite, gentian and bryony are dioecious. In complex, they have anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, antipyretic and immunomodulating action. Due to this, the drug can be used for routine and emergency prevention of acute respiratory viral infection and influenza, as well as for the treatment of joint pain caused by rheumatism or other inflammatory processes.
By promoting not only a common but also aLocal immunity, Aflubin improves the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, thereby preventing the penetration of infection into the body and accelerating recovery if infection has already occurred.

Aflubin is produced in tablets and drops and can be prescribed not only for adults, but also for children, including up to a year.

Depending on the stage and severity of the leakRespiratory infection, "Aflubin" must be taken according to different schemes. In the first two days of illness to adolescents and adults, a medicine should be drunk on one tablet or, if it is prescribed in liquid form,? On 10 drops. The child's dosage is half a tablet or 5 drops of the drug. Babies up to the year "Aflubin" should be given 1 drop. People of all age groups need to drink medicine up to 8 times a day. Starting from the third day of the disease, the number of medications can be reduced to three times. The dosage remains the same. The duration of treatment is 5-10 days.
Planned prevention of influenza and colds in the periodEpidemic is carried out for three weeks. In this case, Aflubin should be taken in the above doses, but no more than twice a day. If emergency prevention is necessary (for example, after contact with a cold or as a result of hypothermia), the drug should be drunk in the same way, but no more than two days.
For the treatment of joint pains AflubinIt is used in adults and children who have reached the age of one year. In the first 2 days of treatment, the drug should be taken up to 8 times a day for 1 tablet or 10 drops of an adult and 1/2 tablet or 5 drops? Children. Further, the frequency of medication should be reduced to three times a day. Continue therapy should be within a month.

"Aflubin" should be drunk 30-40 minutes before admissionFood or an hour after it. The tablet should be put under the tongue and suck, drops? Slightly hold in your mouth and swallow. Drops can be used in both pure and diluted form.

Aflubin: reviews

In general, Aflubin has established itself sufficientlyOK. Its advantage is its natural composition and, consequently, its safety. According to reviews, the drug is usually well tolerated by both adults and children. However, some complain about the unpleasant taste of the drug and the lack of effectiveness compared to other, non-homoeopathic remedies.

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