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How to advertise their services

How to advertise their services

Doing your business is not easy.

Many factors affect your success - the service itself, its cost, market saturation.

The key engine of progress in recent years is advertising.



In order to advertise your servicesIt is important to determine to whom they are. Who is your target audience? To do this, you first need to pay attention to konkurentov.Monitoring services market.
Think, if you were a customer andwould need the service that you render, no matter where you have been looking for her? In print media, catalogs or magazines? Perhaps in ads on television? Or is it on the Internet? Carefully check as many ads competing firms as possible - for whom they work, where they find their clients? Enroll in training, where you can hear the success stories of companies that pay attention to how they conquered the market, ask for advice from them. Read more literature in your field, perhaps, where you will find ready-made answers.

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Identification of the target audience.
Now think, who is the person who can order your services? Differentiation of the target audience is crucialfor the organization of the advertising campaign. Describe it as detailed as possible. Which he sex, age, what kind of education which interests income. Where most people spend the time at which your aim services and, according to its advertising, with whom they talk? Who or what is the main motive for buying - the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, the favorable reviews on the Internet, bright, catchy advertising?

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Identify the main channel of communication to your targetaudience. Perhaps those who focus on your service, spend a lot of time behind the wheel or in the street, then you will approach advertising on radio or outdoor billboards and billboards. Maybe they have average income and can not afford a car, traveling by metro or other public transport, find out how to place your ads there. Or your audience is young and promoted, and draws all useful information on the Internet? Explore forums, social networks and blogs, which could be discussed by your service.

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Creating advertising.
Before, people did not have many opportunitiesto avoid the annoying ads, it was a constant uninvited guests in our homes, going from the TV screen. Now, traditional media (television, radio and print media) belong to the past, but the Internet and therefore the promotion of services in it, is gaining momentum. On the Internet, people can at any moment to give up advertising - block pop-ups, do not read stupid laudatory promotional articles, and does not transmit a fraction of the truth about the product or service, do not watch commercials. Consumers are not so stupid and is not picky, so to reach it, you must create an advertisement with really interesting and engaging content, with highly informative and novelty. If you can create an ad and send the link to the minimum number of participants, you will have nothing more to do - then they, themselves without knowing it, take all the work themselves, the chain mailing advertising to their friends and acquaintances.

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Constant control.
Conduct an advertising campaign at the beginningIt must be small portions, constantly keeping abreast. Distribute advertising budget and run advertising across multiple channels of communication. See which ones work and bring real income, and which are not? Create profiles for clients, which ask how they heard about you? Direct the efforts and resources on those communication channels that work.
Do not be afraid to try and make mistakes, do not make mistakes only one who does nothing.

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