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Advantages and disadvantages of vertical solarium

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical solarium

Solarium is a real salvation for women who live in the northern regions.

In autumn and winter the sun there is not seen,and the body is experiencing an acute shortage of vitamin D. It is also severely affected the appearance: the skin becomes pale and scaly, which gives the beauties sickly.

Vertical solarium why you should choose it?

Most often found in modern studiosvertical solarium. It is a kind of capsule, in which the sun should be standing. Such equipment is cheaper as well - takes up less space. However, the salon owners choose vertical solarium, and due to a number of other advantages.
Vertical solarium make it possible to processSun more hygienic. You do not need to come into contact with surfaces that significantly reduces the risk of catching any skin disease Named previous client. This point is very important and helps reduce the risk of infection.

Of course, in tanning studios are closely monitoring the cleanliness of equipment and process cabin after each client. However, disinfect the solarium is 100% not always obtained.

Vertical solariums to get helpeven tan. Most cabins are equipped with music stations, the songs which you can gently move. In this case, the skin will darken quickly, you get a nice and smooth tone.
The vertical cabins usuallyset high power lamps. This reduces the time spent on a tan, and will become a "dark-skinned beauty." Therefore, vertical solarium quickly found favor girls.
vertical tanning cabin is slightly larger indiameter than the horizontal. This demonstrates another advantage: the ability to get a tan for people who do not like enclosed spaces. The cab is larger and more confident people feel growth of non-standard or configuration.

Vertical solarium: shortcomings

Oddly enough, the advantages of verticalsolarium, when considering the other points are its shortcomings. For example, a more powerful lamp often lead to the formation of burns, and burnout. To avoid this, you must carefully calculate the residence time in the capsule.

Start Active vertical solarium with a minimum of time. Increase it gradually to avoid burns and redness. Also, use special protective equipment.

Special attention in the vertical tanning solariumsexperts recommend to be given to the person. In this action the cockpit lamps extends not quite uniform: greater "impact" falls on the upper part. The delicate skin (especially in the cold season) is very susceptible to sunburn, so it can burn quickly.
Some visitors say obvious discomfortgetting a tan in a standing position. For example, the recorded complaints of tinnitus and severe dizziness. When these symptoms, doctors recommend immediately leave the cabin, and the next time be sure to take less time. Discomfort can be caused by excess radiation and be a symptom of incipient heat / sunstroke.

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