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Advantages and disadvantages of thick hair

Disadvantages and advantages of thick hair

Thick straight hair, the so-called "AsianType "- this is a pipe dream to a huge number of women. How beautiful are hair shining in the sun, a magnificent wave they cascade down on the shoulders of the owner!

But satisfied if their hair themselves unconditionally girl with hair style?

Thick, strong and thick hair - is the subjectenvy of millions of the fairer sex who are not very lucky with the hair. But as you know, a woman is seldom happy with the fact that she got from nature. Not every hairstyle is suitable for thick hair and not each carefully created hair stylist hold on to them longer than a couple of hours.

What are the advantages of thick hair?

Thick hair is getting excellent food, ittherefore, they have the structure of expressive. Roots thick hair, as a rule, very healthy and strong, and the holders of such hair is rarely faced with the problem of hair loss. Hair of this type have a natural luster to the appearance of which it is not necessary to use special gel shines.
Very impressive on thick hair lookall sorts of geometric haircuts: beveled whiskey, asymmetrical bangs, "ragged" square and the like. In addition, holders of this type of hair can diversify their different style braids and tails. It is important that thick hair is left on the gum creases and hairpins, which is very convenient when you need them to dissolve.

What disadvantages have thick hair?

Most often, the thick hair types - straight, andquite difficult to make them hair, especially at home. Even if generously treated with lacquer or hair foam and achieve the desired waviness, then after a while they still straighten under its own weight.
Speaking of gravity. This hairstyle as long loose hair, amazing looks spectacular on the girls with thick hair. But the longer the hair, the more necessary to withstand a heavy load of the head and neck of a beautiful woman. She may not be aware of voltage as long as the cuts the hair.
Whatever it was, thick hair - a true gift of nature, which must be handled carefully.

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