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ADVANTAGES acrylic primer

Advantages of acrylic primer

The primer is used to prepare a variety of surfaces to conduct construction work.

From a primer depends on the quality of the result of finishing.

One of the most popular materials on the market today have become an acrylic-based primer, which are somewhat different from the other types of mixtures.

Product Benefits

Acrylic Primer - versatile material,who has earned a lot of popularity in the construction market. It is used for coating of plaster, concrete, wood, asbestos, fiberboard, particleboard and other materials. The material allows you to produce an even paint surface, where there is a large number of fine pores observed poor absorption of mixtures (eg, brick).

Acrylic Primer has no specificodor and dries in a short time after application (approximately 4 hours). Among the advantages of the builders also note that when thickening primer can be re-diluted with water, and at the same time it does not lose its initial properties.

Acrylic primer easily bred and applied, and can therefore be used even by non-professionals.

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There are two types of acrylic primer: penetrating and firming. Penetrating Primer deeply absorbed into the material, which contributes to the subsequent uniform staining surfaces. The depth of penetration of the solution depends on the quality and conformity to standards of GOST. The composition is often used on older, fragile surfaces. Depending on the type of work done also applies firming primer, which is breathable and better suited for interior decoration.

Do not use acrylic primer for finishing ferrous metals.

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Application of acrylic primer

Prior to application of the material should be carefullyto prepare the surface, which will be carried out construction work. The base must be dry, clean of dust, dirt, oil stains, and remove layers of old plaster and paint. The primer is applied evenly with a brush, roller or spray.

Before applying the mixture should carefully read the operating instructions.

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Acquire primer should be at the rate of 150 mlper 1 sq.m. Before use, the material must be mixed, and it is possible to add a small amount of water, if necessary. The mixture was evenly applied to the surface using a roller. Drying speed may vary depending on the type and the primer coating to which it is applied. Acrylic Primer can dry after 2-4 hours depending on the conditions of work. Similarly, the second layer is applied, after which the surface is ready and can be used for other finishing treatment materials.

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