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How to adopt a newborn

Get permission for adoption, you can in 30 days after the filing of all required documents.

Adoption is a legal act, to participate in which are both Russian and foreign citizens.

Many of them prefer to adopt newborns is based on the characteristics of their psychology.



If you decide to adopt a newborn fromhospital, you first need to visit the organs of guardianship and custody, and write a statement about adoption. Once it is accepted service staff, you get your hands on a list of documents to be submitted for registration.


Within a few days you need to collecta large package of documents and submit them to the guardianship. You will need to bring a photocopy of passport (yours and spouse), inquiries about the state of your health, help your income, acts on a survey of housing bodies of trusteeship and zhilkomissiey notarial consent of both spouses, an extract from the house register and personal accounts, as well as the characteristics of a place operation. Once you provide all the necessary papers, you have officially put on record adoption.


Adopt a child you will be allowed in the caseYour characteristics are positive, the salary - a stable, and living space - suitable for the child's upbringing. All your documents will be reviewed by a special commission officials guardianship and custody, then be a finding of whether you are able to raise an adopted child or not.


If you have a criminal record, even conditional, you do notYou have the right to adopt children, regardless of their age. Guardianship agencies necessarily ask you to submit a document proving the absence of a criminal record in your biography. In consideration of all documents takes up to 30 days, as soon as it is your turn to adoption, guardianship are obliged to inform you about the date of the meeting with your future child.


Next you with the guardianship filingapplication for adoption in court. At a special meeting of the judge will decide whether you have the right to adopt a child or not. In the event that you will be denied, you can appeal the judge's decision in a standard manner. If a positive decision, the baby will get a new birth certificate, and its data will be entered in your passport with her husband.

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