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Teenager and school</a>

Everyone knows the age of adolescence for their complexity. And this is due to a very simple thing - the reorganization of the child's values.

It is at this age that the main value of a person becomes communication and belonging to a certain group of people.

And it is here that many teenagers have problems.

And not only with studies, but often with parents.

The fact is that, depending on that groupPeers, which becomes a value in the eyes of a teenager, study can either become one of the main indicators of success, or even depreciate. In the first case, no further problems with the school for the child should arise. After all, if it is important for him to be in a group of successful schoolchildren, then he will try to match their level.
Usually it's guys, even in the junior high schoolAge entrenched by some kind of business: circles, sections, school self-management or amateur performance. In addition, if there is such a strong passion for the parents there is another lever of influence on the child. After all, depriving yourself of the opportunity to do what you love is one of the most severe punishments. It is for the sake of visiting the beloved section that many children are ready to sit in class, listening attentively to the teacher and doing homework. Let and not always on excellent, but these children usually try to measure their abilities. And teachers usually appreciate such diligence and responsible attitude towards learning.
It will be more difficult for parents whose children do not havePersistent enthusiasm or have chosen that passion that parents do not like at all. To begin with, you will have to assess the "danger" of your hobbies. If it does not carry a threat to life, the health of the child and is not associated with illegal actions, then do not try to break the desire of the child to do something. After all, a teenager is also a person and he does not have to fully comply with someone's ideas about him.
If the hobby entails a decreaseInterest in learning and if the parents are concerned, then it is necessary first of all to talk with the child. To talk as with an adult person. Calmly explain the parent's point of view, necessarily arguing it. Just a parent's desire is not an argument for a teenager. He also has his own desires. And it is quite reasonable for him to prefer his wishes to the desires of his parents.
In this difficult age, the main task of parents- do not lose the child's trust. To do this, listen to it and be sure to hear it. Talk with him should be as an adult, but the requirements to show higher than to the younger student.

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