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TEEN and school

Adolescent and School

Adolescence is known to all of its complexity. And this is due to a very simple thing - the restructuring of the child's property.

At this age a person becomes the main value of fellowship and belonging to a certain group of people.

And it is here that many adolescent problems begin.

And not only with education, but often with parents.

The fact that, depending on the group of thepeers, which is the value in the eyes of a teenager, studying or may become one of the main indicators of success, or even depreciate. In the first case, no further problems with the school the child should not have. After all, if it is important to be in a group of successful students, and then he will try to match their level for him.
Usually, this guys still in primary schoolage carried away by some business: circles, sections, student government or amateur. In addition, the presence of such a strong passion parents have another lever of influence on the child. After deprivation of doing things you love - one of the most severe punishments. It is to visit your favorite section of many guys willing to sit in the classroom, listening attentively to the teacher and do homework. Though not always perfectly, but these children usually try to the best of their abilities. A teacher usually appreciate this effort and responsible attitude to learning.
It is harder to have parents whose children have notresistant hobbies or chose the passion that parents do not like. For a start will have to evaluate the "danger" hobbies. If it does not pose a threat to life and health of the child is not related to illegal actions, you should not try to turn the desire of the child something to do. In the end, a teenager - is also a man and he is not obliged to fully comply with someone's opinions about it.
If passion entails a reduction inenthusiasm for learning, and if parents have concerns, you should talk to the child in the first place. Talk like an adult. Calmly explain the parental point of view, always arguing it. Just the desire to parent - not an argument for a teenager. He, too, has its own desires. And it is reasonable for him to fulfill their desires to prefer the wishes of parents.
In this difficult age the main task of parents- Not to lose the confidence of the child. To do this, listen to it and be sure to hear. Talk to him to be as an adult, but the requirements are higher than for the younger student.

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