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How to adjust the valve on Oise

How to adjust the valve on Oise

Every motorist wants to have a defective car, so you can not worry about when traveling.

A major role in this is the correct accessFuel and Exhaust engine. "Sneezing" or "shots" in the muffler - all of which can occur from improper installation of valve timing gap.

Repair in this case not be easy, important to correctly set the TDC (top dead center) and comply with the procedure when adjusting.

You will need

  • - Probe 0.3 ... 0.35
  • - screwdriver-
  • - a set of keys.



Inspect tramblera cover, locate the wirewhich goes to the spark plug of the first cylinder (the closest to the radiator). Uncover tramblera and note the location where you want the slider to the spark was a candle 1 cylinder. Look at the timer on top - position should be "10 hours". Remove the valve cover, remove it from all attachments.


Inspect the crankshaft pulley. It should be 2 or 3 risks. Align the third (second), ie the last on the right in the direction of rotation of the risk to the guide on the cylinder block (pulley rotates clockwise). Insert the "curve starter" and align said risks to the guide. If you can not use it, then turn the shaft by hand - for pulleys and belts, insert the castellated nut screwdriver and rotate it using the appropriate open-end wrench.


Look at the slider tramblera after combiningscratches. When he is in the right (item 1) location, then the piston of 1st cylinder is at TDC. Valve closed at this time, so they can be adjusted. Press the rocker will feel the gap. In each case, make adjustments valve 4-cylinder.


Set on the adjusting probe gap of 0.35 mm. Note that the probe must be part of a small, but noticeable effort. Insert it into the gap between the valve and a yoke. Loosen the lock nut, turn the adjusting screw to the left or right, depending on the need to increase or decrease the gap. The gap of 0.35 set the valves on all cylinders all. If the air temperature of -5 to 0 degrees, make it 0.4 mm.


Rotate the crankshaft at 180 degrees afterslack adjuster on the 1st cylinder, and make the same with the second. Specifies the rotation either runner tramblera, either resection on a pulley. After that, turn it another 180 degrees and adjust the 4-th cylinder, and then again at 180 degrees and 3 minutes. Operating procedure of cylinders of engines 417 and 421 as follows: 1-2-4-3. Put the valve cover, attach it to the attachments.

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