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How to adjust the valve

How to adjust the valve

Quite often, the car begins to loudlynoise carburetor, and there is a feeling as if the car is now collapse. There is a high probability that this is due to poor control valves or with the emergence of the gap between the engine valves.

One of these valves in the cylinder starts the fuel mixture and the other at this time produces all the exhaust gases.

Moreover, the valve operation mechanism and lead them into action, and sets the desired interval and how they work.



After warming the engine all its componentsDetails are expanding strongly, with the result that there are gaps between the valves, which must be correctly adjusted, otherwise malfunction can lead to a gradual reduction in the overall efficiency of the entire engine.
To check and you startadjust the valve, it is necessary to disassemble the engine in its cold state. Then you need to take a flat probe with which you can easily test the thermal gap between the valves.


Once you grope this gap, it is necessary to adjust the width by turning the adjusting screw on the rocker arms, or a special head adjusting bolt in the desired direction.


Then you can begin to adjust the positionvalves themselves, which you set to top dead center for the cylinder of the compression stroke. In this position, both your engine valve will be closed and all the rocker cylinder valves will swing freely within this gap.


You can then put it in the gap and locknutthe adjusting bolt to install them in the horizontal position, without changing the gap width. Immediately tighten the lock nut, or your results will not be fixed. Then, you can restore the entire structure of the cylinder in the engine and check the engine noise by turning the crankshaft by a half turn.


Thus, if the sound does not occur in the engine, it is safe to admit that you are repaired engine and could adjust the valve on the cylinder.

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