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How to adjust the valve


How to adjust the valve</a>

Quite often in the car begins loudlyTo make noise carburetor, and there is such sensation, as if the car now will collapse. There is a high probability that this is due to poor valve adjustment or the appearance of a gap between the engine valves.

One of these valves starts a combustible mixture into the cylinder, while the other at that time releases all the exhaust gases.

And the mechanism of operation of the valves and puts them into effect, as well as sets the necessary interval and the order of their operation.



After heating the engine, all its componentsThe parts are greatly expanded, as a result of which there are gaps between the valves, which need to be adjusted correctly, otherwise the failure can lead to a gradual decrease in the efficiency of the overall operation of the entire engine.
In order for you to check and startAdjust the valve, it is necessary to disassemble the engine part in its cold state. Then you need to take a flat probe, with which you can easily feel the thermal gap between the valves.


After you find this gap, you need to adjust its width by turning the adjusting screw on the rocker arms, or the special head of the adjusting bolt in the desired direction.


Then you can start position adjustmentThe valves themselves, which you place in the top dead center for the compression stroke of the cylinders. In this position, both valves of your engine will be closed, and all rocker arms of the cylinder will swing freely within this gap.


Then you can put the lock nut in the gap andUsing the adjusting bolt, set them to the horizontal position, without changing the width of the gap. Immediately tighten the lock nut, otherwise your result will not be fixed. After this, it is possible to restore the whole cylinder design in the engine and check the noise in the engine by turning the crankshaft half a turn.


Thus, if there is no sound in the engine, you can confidently admit that you have repaired the engine yourself and were able to adjust the valves on the cylinders.

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