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How to adjust your photos in Photoshop

To adjust the photo in Photoshop and put it in order, not necessarily to be a professional photographer.

It is enough to know how and why to use the basic tools.



The first step - the crop. It is the skillful use can improve the perception of the composition of the photo. Perhaps to you shot accidentally hit an object or an unnecessary picture shifted further to the right than you need.


If you are preparing to print a photo, then select the size, the proportions of which remain when cutting photos (standard 10 cm * 15 cm) on the top panel framing.


Create a new layer. Photoshop will not allow you to work with the original layer "Background." Especially in the case of an unsuccessful editing, a new layer can be simply removed, with the picture remains unchanged.


Work on improving the quality of photos. This will help you in the Tools menu, tab 'Image'. Go to the category of "correction" and you see a lot of different settings. Walk on them gradually, watching the result. If you choose "Automatic correction", the program will make it on your own, but the result may be unsatisfactory.


The interest here is set to "level". With it you can modify the exposure and tone to align the pictures. Select this option and drag the sliders below the histogram to its edges. You will notice how photography became richer.


Many professional photographers usebackground blur effect. This is appropriate if the background in the photo does not play an important compositional role. To blur the background, use the first "Gaussian Blur" (Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur), applying it to the entire layer, and then "Historic brush» (History Brush from the toolbar) to restore the object you want to select.


Unevenness and roughness can "make amends"using the "Stamp" tool. Select it, hold down the Alt key, click on the photo of the area that suits you in terms of structure. Release the button and drag the stamp on the place where there is a flaw. Click on it with your mouse.

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