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How to adjust the speed


How to adjust the speed</a>

If you want to adjust the speed of your car, you do not need to call the service center for assistance.

If you have a carburetor engine, you can easily handle this task yourself and with just an ordinary flathead screwdriver.

You will need

  • - small flat screwdriver
  • - the instruction manual of your car



Start the car and warm it up to operating temperature. Adjust Turnovers It is only after making sure that the temperature sensor shows the optimum degree.


Stop the engine of the car and removeAir filter, which is usually located directly above the carburetor. Simply unscrew the mounting bolts by hand and lift the part: it should be easily removed. If tubes or hoses are attached to your model of the air filter box, then loosen the screws on the clamps using a screwdriver and remove them.


Find the screws for adjusting the speed. Most often they are located in the front lower part of the carburetor. That screw, which is less responsible for the fuel-air mixture, and the one that is more - in fact for Turnovers idle move. With their help, we will all regulate.


Proceed to adjustment. Remember: if you turn the screws clockwise, Turnovers Engine will fall, if counterclockwise - will increase.
If you did not find the operating instructions of your car and do not know what engine speed should be idling, then do the following:
- turn both screws with a flat screwdriver clockwise until it stops (do not overdo it) -
- now turn both screws clockwise for two and a half turns and start the engine-
- listen to the engine: if the motor is running unevenly and dips are heard, continue to slowly twist the screws clockwise until the idle speed becomes smooth.
If you find an operating manual or just know the optimal performance, then the task is simplified: you need to twist the screws until the arrow of the tachometer indicates the desired value.


Stop the engine. Allow the car to cool down (this may take several hours), and then start it again in order to check the results of your work.

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