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How to adjust the old clock

How to adjust the old clock

Antique pocket watches or easily fine-tuning, because their mechanism consists of a spring and the pendulum.

You will need

  • - Any other clock
  • - Flat-blade screwdriver
  • - Phillips head screwdriver
  • - magnifier
  • - toothpick



Winding head pull over, and then start to rotate it clockwise. When the clock will show the current time, press the crown, then turn until it stops.


Synchronize the time on the old clock on any other. Put them to dial up and leave for a day.


After a day to check the time on both the clock and write down how much hurry or behind customizable clock.


Check how well the open backCover hours. If it is screwed, it can easily be opened by turning counterclockwise. If there is a catch or you are unable to detect the lip - it is necessary to pry the lid using a flat screwdriver.


With the help of a magnifying glass locate the regulator of the clock. It looks like a tiny arrow fixed on the spring.


By default, the controller is in the center of the clock mechanism, and on the sides are the notation "-" or «S» (ie slower) and "+" or "the F" (ie faster).


Using a toothpick, carefully tweak motion arrow pointer in the direction of "+" or "-".


Again measure the current accuracy of the old clock. Sometimes, in order to achieve the final result, it is necessary to tighten the regulator several times.

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