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How to adjust the lights yourself

How to adjust the lights yourself

Invalid adjusted lights not only illuminate the bad road on which you drive, but also create emergency situations, blinding oncoming drivers.

You can avoid this by independently adjusting the lights.

You will need

  • Car
  • smooth wall
  • Flat plot in front of the wall
  • Chalk or paint to draw on the wall



You need to find a suitable location with a smooth wall and a horizontal platform, adjacent to the wall.

But before you start so adjusted, it is necessaryprepare the machine. Tyre pressure should be optimal, lamps in the headlights have to be all work, the machine must be fully charged and equipped. Best of all, if driving during the adjustment of headlights will sit people of the same weight as the driver.


The second step - draw the marks on the wall, on whichwe will align the headlights. To do this, we customize the car very close to the wall and mark on the wall the center point of the machine and the central axis of each lamp headlights. Then connect the horizontal line of the center of the lamps. After that, draw a vertical line through the center point of light, and through the point of the center of the car.


Getting adjusted headlights. The process of adjustment is twisting the adjusting screws washers that are on the back of the headlight. This ensures the correct direction of the beam.


In some cases, adjust the lights one by one. That is, first the left headlight cover cardboard that light does not shine on the wall and adjust the right headlight. Then vice versa. Lights are regulated on the low beams. Adjust the light from the headlamps so that the headlamp horizontal line is flush with a horizontal stripe painted on the wall. Then adjust the headlights in the horizontal plane so that the point where the light deviates from the range up to the intersection of the strips was. If you've done everything right, your lights are now regulated.

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