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How to adjust the lights yourself


How to adjust the lights yourself</a>

Incorrectly adjusted headlights not only poorly illuminate the route on which you are driving, but also create emergency situations, blindly meeting the oncoming drivers.

You can avoid this by manually adjusting the headlights.

You will need

  • Car
  • Flat wall
  • Smooth patch in front of the wall
  • Chalk or paint for painting on the wall



You need to find a suitable place with a flat wall and a horizontal platform adjacent to this wall.

But before you start adjusting the headlights, you need toPrepare the machine. The pressure in the tires should be optimal, the lamps in the headlights should be all workers, the machine must be fully refueled and equipped. Best of all, if at the wheel during the adjustment of headlights will sit a man of the same weight as the driver.


The second step is drawing the markings on the wall, along whichWe will align the headlight. To do this, adjust the machine almost directly against the wall and mark on the wall the point of the center of the machine and the center axes of each headlight bulb. Then connect the horizontal line of the points of the centers of the lamps. After that, draw vertical lines through the points of the centers of the lamps, and through the point of the center of the car.


We proceed to adjust the headlights. The adjustment process is to tighten the headlight adjusting screws that are on the rear of the headlights. This achieves the correct direction of the light beam.


In some cases, the headlights are adjusted one at a time. That is, first cover the left headlight with cardboard, so that the light does not shine on the wall and adjust the right headlamp. Then vice versa. The headlamps are adjusted with the dipped beam on. Adjust the light from the headlights so that the horizontal line of headlamp light is flush with the horizontal strip drawn on the wall. Then adjust the headlamps in a horizontal plane so that the point where the light from the headlights dodges upwards is at the intersection of the strips. If you did everything right, your lights are now adjusted.

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