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How to adjust the handbrake on Toyota

How to adjust the handbrake on Toyota

The main task of the hand brake is to keep the vehicle stationary on inclines and parking.

In addition, Toyota applied the handbrake on when pulling away after the car was stopped on the upswing, failure brake pedal and to enter the controlled drift.

To avoid uncontrolled stroke of the brake pedal, the consequences of failure to function of automatic compensator rear brake mechanism, it is necessary to properly adjust the handbrake on Toyota.



Adjusting the parking brake on most Toyotarequired after having been taken to repair the brake pads, drums, cables, or the handbrake handle. In addition, it allows you to compensate for cable stretch. Before you begin a manual brake adjustment, remove both rear brake drum. This will allow you to make sure that the wheel controller expander bars left and right brake assemblies there is nothing stopping to rotate freely. Each turn the wheel back on the five prongs.


Terminators, which are located at the workingarms should rest on the edge of the pad. To test this, ask the assistant to move the parking brake lever. If they do not rest on the edge of the pad, check the cables to the presence of deformation and wear. And only then proceed to adjust the handbrake on Toyota.


Lift the handbrake lever on one to threeclick, and then loosen the lock nut of the equalizer, and tighten the adjusting nut. After that the handbrake cable must drive a little strained. If the tension is missing, you will have to completely replace the parking brake cable.


Check the tension of the cable. To do this, tighten the hand brake lever a few clicks. If everything is in order, and the cable is tensioned, you will have to make considerable efforts to turn the hands of the rear wheels.


Tighten the lock nut of the equalizer, and thenrelease the parking brake lever and rotate the rear wheels. If done correctly, they will rotate evenly without any jerks. Before finally tighten all nuts, do not forget to install the thermal insulation of the brake system.


After the adjustment release the rear of the car to the ground and check the efficiency of a manual brake on the first transfer.

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