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How to adjust the clutch


How to adjust the clutch</a>

It happens, after repair or for a long time of operation, the transmissions cease smoothly and clearly turn on, the car starts to twitch or, as it were, slip when starting off.

Especially after replacing parts, you need to adjust the clutch.

You will need

  • - car keys with the size 13х14 and 17х14-
  • - ruler or roulette-
  • - liquid lubricant, for example WD40.



Adjusting the clutch of the car is reduced toIncrease or decrease the free travel of the clutch pedal. Open the driver's door, find the clutch pedal, press it to the stop and measure the distance to the extreme point of the pedal.


Release the clutch pedal and again measure the distance to the same extreme point of the clutch pedal.


Calculate the difference between these readings. The obtained value should fit within the range of 12.5-13.5 centimeters. The maximum pedal travel is not more than 16 centimeters. If the reading is different from the desired range, then it is necessary to adjust the clutch, i. E. Free pedal travel.


Open the hood of the car and look for on the boxGear lever with a clutch cable attached to it, which in turn goes to the pedal. Near the lever there is an iron rod, to which the cable is suitable, and which is fixed by two nuts.


Take the car keys, a little twist theseNuts. For lubrication and easy unscrewing, use WD40 grease. To adjust, use a nut that is closer to the pedal. If you screw the nut to the clutch pedal, then its free stroke increases, and vice versa.


Twisted, and again measure the ruler stroke pedal inside the car.


After you have set the desired course of the pedal, twist the second, control nut all the way to lock the adjustment.


Carry out a control, tryPull on the clutch pedal. There should be no extraneous sounds and friction, the pedal should be pressed easily. Start the car and ride. There should not be stall. The speeds should turn on well, there should be no smell of burning. Everything should work as intended by the manufacturer.

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