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How to adjust the clutch

How to adjust the clutch

Sometimes after repair or for a long time of operation, the transmission no longer smooth and well incorporated, the car begins to twitch or to slip when pulling away.

Especially after the replacement of parts is required to adjust the clutch.

You will need

  • - Spanner size 13h14 and 17h14-
  • - Line or ruletka-
  • - Liquid lubricant, such as WD40.



Adjusting the clutch the car reduced toincrease or decrease in the freewheel clutch pedal. Open the driver's door, find the clutch pedal, press it all the way and measure the distance to the extreme point of the pedal.


Releases the clutch pedal again and measure the distance to the same point at the clutch pedal.


Calculates the difference between the two readings. The resulting value should fall within the range of 12.5-13.5 centimeters. The maximum pedal travel is not more than 16 centimeters. If the reading differs from the desired range, the clutch must be adjusted, i.e. free travel.


Open the hood of the car and look on the boxGear lever with attached coupling cable, which in turn goes to the pedal. About lever has an iron rod to which the cable fits and which is secured by two bolts.


Take a spanner, unscrew these littlenuts. For lubrication and easy loosening use liquid lubricant WD40. To adjust using the nut, which is located closer to the pedal. If cranking nut on the clutch pedal, then its free stroke increases, and vice versa.


Tweak, and then measures the ruler pedal inside the car.


Once you put the right pedal, spin a second, the control nut to the stop to lock the adjustment.


Make a control measurement, tryponazhimat the clutch pedal. There should be no outside noise and friction, the pedal must be pressed easily. Start the car and drive. There should be probuksovok. Speed ​​should be included is good, there should be no burning smell. Everything should work as intended by the manufacturer.

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