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How to adjust the clutch


How to adjust the clutch</a>

Quite often after repairing the engine or gearbox, especially after changing the clutch, the clutch pedal must be adjusted again.

The work is simple and does not take much time from the car owner.

You will need

  • Spanner for 10 mm - 2 pcs.,
  • Ruler.



First of all, it is necessary to find an adjustmentA clutch assembly that is located directly on the gearbox and consists of a tip, an adjusting nut and a lock nut, as well as a leash with a clamp.


- Unscrew the locknut for the clutch adjusting unit several turns,

- further it is necessary, depending on the purpose (to extend or shorten the thrust), to reduce the free running of the pedal, unscrew the adjusting nut several turns:

- to increase the free travel - tighten the adjusting nut.


Then, without fail, check the progress of the clutch pedal. If necessary, correct again.

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