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How to adjust the clutch

How to adjust the clutch

Quite often, after the repair of the engine or the gearbox, especially after replacing the clutch, the clutch pedal is required to adjust again.

The work is not easy and takes a lot of time in the car owner.

You will need

  • Wrench 10 mm - 2 pcs.
  • line.



The first step is to find the adjustingclutch assembly, which is located directly on the gearbox, and comprises a tip, and the adjustment locknut, and leash with a clamp.


- Loosen the lock nut a few turns of the adjusting clutch assembly,

- Further necessary, depending on the purpose (lengthen or shorten the rod), to reduce the free pedal unscrewed several turns adjusting nut:

- To increase the freewheel - tighten the adjusting nut.


Then necessarily check the clutch pedal. If necessary - adjust again.

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