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How to adjust the carburetor

How to adjust the carburetor

During prolonged operation of the vehicle there is a deterioration of all its parts.

This inevitably leads to a violation of the regulations of all systems, including the system of the engine power.

And if the motor car began to run rough and stall at idle, then it's time to adjust the carburetor.

You will need

  • Screwdriver.



Adjusting the engine idle speed only on the heated, the motor is running.

How to adjust the carburetor


Screw 1 (see. Figure) made the restriction of closing the throttle, it fixes the position of the open valve in the primary chamber of the carburettor.
Screw 2 (see. figure) is made to adjust the quality of the fuel mixture. That is, twisting it - increased content of gasoline in the fuel mixture (rich mixture) pairs. When screwing the fuel mixture screw, on the contrary, it is depleted.


With the screws located at the bottom ofcarburetor, found out, you can now begin to close and adjust the carburetor in order to ensure stable operation of the engine at idle.


Turn the screw №1 right or left, it is necessary to set the minimum speed of the engine crankshaft speed.


Then, turning the screw №2 in one direction or another, has now set the maximum engine speed.


Then, twisting the screw №1, you need to install once the minimum crankshaft rotational speed.


Further, by rotating the screw №2, which regulates the quality of the fuel mix, set the maximum possible engine speed.


Then №1 screw set frequencycrankshaft rotation within 600-700 rev / min and then the accelerator pedal to increase the engine speed of 3000-4000 rev / min and the gas pedal after reaching a predetermined engine operating condition abruptly released. If the engine after done actions continues to work steadily at idle, the carburetor is adjusted correctly.
If the engine stalls, it demonstrates the need to repeat the carburetor adjustment.

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