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How to adjust the carburetor


How to adjust the carburetor</a>

During the long operation of the car, all its parts wear out.

This inevitably leads to a violation of the regulation of all systems, including the engine power system.

And if the engine on the machine started to work intermittently and stall at idle, then it's time to adjust the carburetor.

You will need

  • Screwdriver.



The idle speed of the engine is adjusted only on a warm, running engine.

How to adjust the carburetor


Screw 1 (see the figure) restricts the closing of the throttle, it fixes the position of the open flap in the primary chamber of the carburetor.
Screw 2 (see Fig. The quality of the fuel mixture is regulated. That is, twisting it - increases the content of gasoline in the vapor of the fuel mixture (enriched mixture). When screwing the screw, the fuel mixture, on the contrary, is depleted.


With screws located at the bottomCarburetor, found out, now you can proceed and to direct adjustment of the carburetor in order to ensure stable operation of the engine at idle.


Turning screw No. 1 to the right or to the left, it is necessary to set the minimum engine speed of the crankshaft.


Then, rotating the screw number 2 in one direction or another, we set now the maximum engine speed.


After that, turning the screw No. 1, it is necessary to set again the minimum crankshaft speed.


Further, by rotating screw No. 2, which regulates the quality of the fuel mixture, the maximum possible engine speed is set.


After that, screw No. 1 sets the frequencyThe rotation of the crankshaft in the range of 600-700 rpm, and then the accelerator pedal increases engine speed to 3000-4000 rpm, and the gas pedal after reaching the predetermined engine operating mode is abruptly released. If the engine continues to operate steadily after idle operations at idle, the carburetor is adjusted correctly.
If the motor stalls, this indicates the need to repeat the adjustment of the carburetor.

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