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How to adjust the cabinet doors

How to adjust the cabinet doors

Quite often there are problems with the doors of cabinets. They often break the hinges.

Eliminate the fault can be quite simple.

In most cases, you only need to take control joints.



Cabinet doors are fixed on hinges with platehinges. Unfold it at a certain angle. When closing hinges "pull" the door leaf. This mechanism is designed so that the door is not protruding beyond the side of the cabinet. Hinges with hinges are used very often. The fact that into each other cabinets have doors which form a continuous, free of grooves, surface. This feature sets of furniture makes optimum use of the available space.


The main task at the door is a hitchprecise installation fastening mechanism. The weak point are small screws that are on the left and right of the Belleville hinges. If they are not adjusted, it can quickly become loose and even fall out. The main elements of furniture is usually made of particle board. Therefore, there can be the problem with loosening hinges. In this situation, you should either deal with thick screwing screws or displace all the loops.


Furniture hinges with hinges attached to the insidethe side of the cabinet. Before you install them, you need to determine the location of the door. Spend at right angles to the front side of the main line. After that, using a template to mark the holes for the screws. With the help of the core cutter to do the Belleville hole depth required. Fix the mounting plate on the markup. On average there is a conveyor screw arm, through which can adjust the doors.


The tape has a built-in leveradjustment. With the help of three screws you can move the doors in three planes. Lateral adjustment, adjustable in height and depth carried out by the regulatory screw. Most often, it is marked in red. After adjusting well tighten all three screws.

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