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How to add a theme in windows 7

How to add a theme to windows 7

Installing the Windows it can be implemented as a standard means, and with the help of third-party applications.

Standard themes use the built-in systemeffects, and third-party programs make it possible to achieve a deeper configuration interface elements that can significantly transform the appearance of your operating system.

Standard setting means the

Standard operating system applicationsWindows 8 allows you to set the theme, which can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website and from third-party resources. Setting a theme can be easily performed by any user on the computer version of Windows is installed above the Starter or Home Basic. These distributions are limited to the installation of Aero themes and do not support making changes to the user interface of the system.
Go to the official Microsoft resource andUse the section "Topics" to download you are interested in the color scheme. Once the theme file download is complete, navigate to the directory you specified for downloading. Default download from the Internet all the files are in the folder "Downloads" directory of the user.
Double-click on the document with the extension.theme, and wait for the Aero settings window. The proposed on-screen list, you will see the newly uploaded theme. To use it, place the cursor on the name, and once click the left mouse button. Then click "Save Changes." Installation completed.

Third-party programs

Setting those using third-party programscarried out in a different way. Pre-need to install an application that will replace the standard in Windows theme manager. Using third-party software is also an opportunity to use themes in Windows Home Basic and Starter.
Download the application for registration of a changethe official site of the developer. Among the most user-friendly software can be noted Theme Resource Changer. For Starter and Home Basic users best suited Personalization Panel.
Also, download the program VistaGlazz, UniversalTheme Patcher or UxStyle Core. These applications are similar in functionality and perform the function of providing access to manual change the file and adding your own effects.
Install all the downloaded program, and thenRun Theme Patcher (VistaGlazz or Ux Style) to open access. Click on the "Patch" button (Patch) and wait for notification about the success of the operation. After installing the patch, you can also manually copy the downloaded theme in the system directory "Local Disk C:» - Windows - Resources - Themes.
Run the program to change themesand make effects settings according to your preferences and available menu items settings. Enter the path to the CSS file, or the program for further processing settings. All color schemes can be found on the Internet.

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