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How to add music to the status of

How to add music to the status of

Do you want to share with your friends on the social network music while you are tired to throw off your favorite songs each person?

In this case, the ideal option would be to add music to the status.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet-
  • - brauzer-
  • - An account in the social network.



Many people think that the status of a social network - isonly a short statement that describes the condition of the person at the moment. But it is not so. With the status, you can immediately tell all your friends about favorite compositions, ask for advice and even "illustrate" their statement well selected composition. That is why many new social networking users are wondering, "How to add music to your status?"


Social network "VKontakte" in terms of the addition of music in the most simple status. If you listen to music, and you have the status page, the music will automatically broadcast status.


Do not be surprised if your friends will write to you: "Ugh! Are you listening to this band! ". That is why the "VKontakte" just can not hide his interests and hobbies.


If you use a social network "Classmates" and want to add to the status of music, first you need to write a text in the status window, located on the top right of your avatar.


Once you write a status, you need toput a "tick" next to the phrase "Put a note in the status." To add music to a new status, you will need to click on the icon with the image of the music and then add the desired song.


You can choose a track of his recordings,and from the general music collection (in the latter case you will need to enter the name of the group and the composition and then start the search). When you select a song, you will just click on the "Share" - then the status of the music will see all your friends.

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