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How to add an iso image files

How to add an iso image files

ISO-images are copies of optical disks that are ready to record.

This completed project, and add the files by simply copying will not work. To change the iso image, edit the contents, there are special programs.

One of them - UltraISO.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - the Internet-
  • - UltraISO program.



Download the program from the official site http://ultraiso.info/ and install the operating system. The program is paid, and if you do not plan to purchase a key to select a trial period at start UltraISO utility. Also worth noting is that this software should be installed in the system directory of the hard disk on your PC.


Open the application iso image that you want tochange. This can be done from the "File" menu, click "Open", or by clicking the appropriate icon below the menu. The program window is divided into four parts, the upper part is used to display the project you are working on, the lower - the file manager. The interface of this software is so easy that even a beginner will cope.


Add and delete files from an image usingfunctional icons on the areas of the program window. You can add new files into iso image, simply by dragging them from the bottom to the top. Save the edited iso image. If you click "Save" button, the changes are written into the original image, if the "Save As" - you will have the opportunity to leave the original image untouched, and detailed design will continue as a new image.


The utility also provides opportunitiesconvert images, data compression and virtual drives emulation. You can create an iso image of any set of files on your hard drive, and copy the optical media in the form of an image. Explore these features can be built through the aid application. At any time, with the help of this program you can edit or create their own versions of operating systems, burn them to a variety of media, and then installed on the hard drive of a personal computer.

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