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How to add a vector mask


How to add a vector mask</a>

The vector mask in Adobe Photoshop can be used in different cases.

In this case, we'll look at how to use it to apply a color correction to a particular area of ​​the image.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop CS5



Launch Adobe Photoshop and create a new one.document. To do this, click the menu item "File" & gt- "Create" (New) or press the hot keys Ctrl + N. In a new window, specify the width and height, for example, 500, in the "Adjustment" box, set "Transparent" and click OK.


Click the menu item "Layers" (Layer) & gt- "NewLayer (New pattern fill) & gt- "Pattern" and in the next window click OK at once. The Pattern fill panel opens. In its left part there is a button that brings up a drop-down menu in which you can select the desired pattern. Using the "Scale" setting, the pattern can be approximated or removed. Having established the necessary parameters, click OK. The background of the document will take shape of the selected pattern, in the future, vector masks will be superimposed on it. Using the Move tool, you can move this pattern.


Select the Rectangle toolTool), in the settings panel, click on the "Outlines" item and create a small border with it in any part of the work area. Click on the Layer menu & gt- New adjustment layer & gt- Hue / Saturation, and click OK in the new window. A new window opens, where you can change the "Hue", "Saturation" and "Lightness" parameters by rotating the corresponding sliders. Note that changes occur only with the selected area, i.e. With a frame created by the tool "Rectangle". Actually, this rectangle, on which you can impose various effects - this is the vector mask.


If you want to save the result,Click the menu item "File" & gt- "Save as", select the path, enter the name, in the "Type" field specify Jpeg and click "Save".

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