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How to add a vector mask

How to add a vector mask

Vector Mask in Adobe Photoshop can be used in different cases.

In this case we look at how to use it to apply color correction on a separate portion of the image.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop CS5



Launch Adobe Photoshop and create a new onedocument. To do this click on the menu item "File» (File) & gt- «Start» (New) or press the shortcut keys Ctrl + N. In the new window, specify the width and height, for example 500, in the "Background Contents» (Adjustment), set "Clear» (Transparent), and then click OK.


Click the menu item "Layers» (Layer) & gt- «Newlayer shading »(New pattern fill) & gt-« pattern »(Pattern), and in the next window, click OK soon. Panel appears "Fill pattern» (Pattern fill). His left side is a button that causes a drop-down menu where you can select the desired pattern. With the setting "Zoom» (Scale) pattern, you can zoom in or out. By setting the required parameters, click OK. Background document will outline the selected pattern in the future it will be mixed with a vector mask. With the tool "Move» (Move) You can move the pattern.


Select the tool "Rectangle» (Rectangletool), the Settings panel, tap "Contours" and create with the help of a small box in any part of the working area. Click "Layers" menu (Layer) & gt- «New Adjustment Layer» (New adjustment layer) & gt- «background color / saturation» (Hue / Saturation) and in a new window, right click on OK. This opens a new window where you can change the parameters of "color background» (Hue), «Saturation» (Saturation), and "Brightness» (Lightness), turning the corresponding sliders. Note that changes occur only with a dedicated portion, ie, to outline in established tool "Rectangle". Actually, the rectangle to which you can apply a variety of effects - this is a vector mask.


If you want to save the result,Click "File" menu (File) & gt- «Save as» (Save as), select the path, enter the name in the "Files of type» (Format) specify Jpeg and click "Save".

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