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How to add sections to aluminum radiators


How to add sections to aluminum radiators</a>

When installing aluminum radiators, it is very important to correctly calculate the required number of sections, since this will determine the temperature in the room in winter.

If this is not done, then you will have to increase the additional ones.



Make calculations that must be based onThe following: with a ceiling height of 2.6 m for heating one square meter of the living space, two sections of the radiator are needed. However, experts strongly advise installing radiators with "spare" sections. It is much easier to reduce heat than to compensate for its shortage by additional sources.


Remember: Not all types of aluminum radiators can be supplied with additional sections. These include models made by extrusion (extrusion). The parts in it are joined together in a single design by pressing, so it is no longer possible to build it up. In this case, the lack of sections will have to be replaced by installing an additional radiator if there is room left for it.


Be aware that the sectional principle createdBimetal radiators, made of low-carbon steel and covered with a top-quality aluminum alloy. All sections are interconnected by radiator nipples, and leakproof design provides special ring gaskets.


Before starting the assembly, make sure that allThe prepared accessories are designed for this model of the radiator. In order to build up an additional section on the radiator, first disconnect the supply pipes of heating and turn out the end radiator plugs from the side you need at the top and bottom.


Then precisely combine the additional link withRadiator, install the O-ring gaskets from heat-resistant rubber and with a special key, start gently screwing the radiator nipple into the aluminum manifold. The depth of grip must be at least four turns of thread.


Having convinced of the strength of the construction, you canProceed to dock the next section. At the end of the assembly, replace the radiator plugs and connect, however, already with offset, the supply pipes for heating.

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