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How to add a hard drive

How to add a hard drive

Sooner or later, the question of increasing the memory in the computer hard disk storage before every computer user.

After all, when buying a computer, few people pay attention to the size of the hard drive - at the moment is better to invest in a memory or video card.

But in the process of development of the capabilities of the computer,increasing the number of accumulated information on the hard drive, and the only possibility to save it is the acquisition of another hard disk.

You will need

  • Phillips and flat thin screwdriver



But do not rush to the nearest store for buyinghard disk. First you need to figure out what kind of hard drive you need. From the time you purchased your computer may have passed more than a year, and during this time could change the standards connection of internal and external peripherals. With hard drives exactly what happened, IDE replaced the old standard modern Serial ATA? abbreviated SATA, it transmits information at a higher speed.

SATA connector


Where you can see what kind of jackhard drive you? Option one: get the instructions to the motherboard of your computer. If this is difficult to do, because all the boxes out of the apartment after repairs have been discarded because of their uselessness, and the instruction is likely to lay there, we will go through the second. You soon despaired, the motherboard itself after you left, it is in the system unit and is the basis for everything else (CPU, RAM, hard drive, etc.).

IDE connector


To access the motherboard removesystem unit or set it to have a good access inside. Browse the available connectors on the motherboard is best on the left side of the system unit. There is a front side of the motherboard, and the right side of the system unit is the back of the motherboard. It connectors available. Look how the cable plugged into your hard drive. If it is a cable (about 5 cm), this IDE connector previous generation, and if a narrow (about 1 cm), the SATA.

IDE and SATA cables


With your hard drive sorted out nowlook at the place where the cable connects to the motherboard. Typically, IDE connectors on the motherboard made twice, but due to the possibility of parallel connection to a cable of two data-IDE devices can connect four devices. This optical drives (CD and DVD) and hard disk drives. If these two connectors, and set one optical drive and one hard disk, at least, you can connect two hard disk again.

IDE connectors on the motherboard


But with the advent of the new standard connectors, oldnot dead, on motherboards transition has both IDE connectors and SATA. On modern motherboards have one IDE connector remains, but significantly increased SATA (6-8 pcs.), One SATA connector can be connected to one device, look for them on the motherboard. If they are then your new hard drive will be faster to communicate with other devices that will increase computer speed in general. Now you can shop for hard drive.

SATA and IDE connectors on the motherboard


To install it, connect the data-IDE ribbon cableor SATA cable to the motherboard. Locate cord to the power connector to the hard drive. They are also different, depending on the type of hard drive. Connect the hard disk, and the disk set in the free space? Whatnot? a primary hard disk. Secure the hard drive screws or place it on the latch, depending on the type of mounting? Whatnot? your system unit. Replace the side panel of the system unit in place and enjoy the ability to store on your computer though an entire library of data.

Hard Drive Connection

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