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How to add a flash to your website

How to add a flash to your website

Flash technology allows you to make the contents of the active page - using this technology can be inserted to a website or a colorful video game, as well as create a comfortable navigation elements on the site.

Inserting a flash application on the site is done by HTML-Code.

You will need

  • - text editor-
  • - FTP-client.



First, find the appropriate file with.swf resolution. It can be any game, movie, or even a script for the site. Visit websites dedicated to flush, and download the appropriate application you want to integrate into your web page.


Download the downloaded file to their hosting using in FTP-client, or through the website control panel.


Open the page where you want tointegrate the script with any text editor. Paste the following HTML-code in place on the page where you would like to display the active element occurred:

The width adjusts the width of the window in which to display the flash, and is responsible for the height of his height. Parameters data descriptor and src tagstore the path to the downloaded .swf file. In this example, the application is located in the folder of the site and has the name file.swf.


Download the modified version of the page hosting and test the specified element. Inserting a flash object on the site is completed.

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