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How to add memory to your computer

How to add memory to your computer</a>

To speed up the computer, it is often necessary to install an additional RAM board in it.

Let's look at how to do it right, andWhat subtleties should be taken into account if you want the installation of new equipment to be successful, and the efficiency of your computer has significantly increased.



First, find out what kind of maternalAnd what type of RAM (random access memory) it supports. The DDR II memory can not be installed on a motherboard that supports only DDR I, so make sure the required RAM format before installing it.


In addition, correlate the parameters of the maximumThe frequency of data transfer of the motherboard and new RAM? They should be approximately the same. If you already have one RAM installed, and you are going to add it to a new one, purchase RAM of the same size as the first, but not more than 4 GB. This will ensure the stability of the computer.


After all the subtleties were taken into account, and RAM was purchased, it must be installed. To do this, remove the computer cover when the power is off to gain access to the connectors on the motherboard.

The connectors for RAM you will find immediately, they are suitable only for it, and you can not insert the memory slot into any other connector on the motherboard.


Remove the card from its packaging and insert it firmly into theConnector, then fix it on the sides with special latches. Make sure that the projection on the motherboard in the connector coincides with the corresponding cut on the memory slot, then it will be installed and determined by the system correctly.


After placing a new card, twist the cover of the system unit, turn on the computer and check the correctness of the display of new components in the section of devices and equipment of your computer.

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