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How to add a memory computer

How to add a memory computer

To speed up the computer, it is often necessary to insert the extra cost of RAM.

Let's look at how to do it, andsome subtleties worth considering if you want to install the new equipment was successful, and the efficiency of your computer considerably increased.



To begin to find out what you have parentcard, and what type of RAM (random access memory) it supports. RAM DDR II can be installed in a motherboard that supports only DDR I, therefore, make sure the required RAM format before installing it.


In addition, the maximum parameters correlatedata rate and the new motherboard RAM? they should be approximately equal. If you already have a memory, and you want to add to it new, buy the same amount of RAM as the first, but not more than 4 GB. This will ensure the stability of your computer.


Once all the details have been taken into account, and the RAM was purchased, it should be set. To do this, remove the computer cover with the power off to gain access to the connectors of the motherboard.

Connectors for RAM, you will find at once, they are suitable only for her, and you can not insert a memory card slot in any other connector on the motherboard.


Remove the card from its packaging and insert tightly inconnector, and then lock it at the sides with special clips. Make sure that the protrusion on the motherboard connector has coincided with a corresponding cut in the memory slot, then it will be installed and define the system correctly.


After placing the new board tighten the system cover, turn on the computer and check the correct display of new components in the section devices and your computer's hardware.

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