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How to add a button to the toolbar

How to add a button to the toolbar

Often it happens that the user need additional menu button when working with files and folders, or when browsing.

Their settings can be performed without having to install additional software, and the process takes a matter of minutes.



Open any folder on your computer. In the top menu, select "View", then "Panel instruments"And" Settings ". You will have a new window, where you can add all the right buttons on the panel instruments above. Here you can customize their appearance, size, icons, captions and so on.


If you need to add a button on the panelbrowser Internet Explorer, go the browser, and also choose to customize the appearance, as in the previous paragraph. Often the new version of the browser does not support the standard type of menu, in this case, get button customize the appearance of the browser settings and add the desired icons to work.


If you want to change the sequence of the menu, go to "Tools", then click "Setting". You have a new dialog box appears on the screen, select it in the panel instruments or menu that you would like to change or move. Use the arrow keys to adjust the position of the menu buttons to the desired consistency.


If you want to change the content of menu itemsquick access, located in the taskbar, to do this, simply make sure that the settings is checked against the corresponding options, then drag on the panel application shortcuts, which would like to see there. Remove unwanted happens reverse method or by clicking the right mouse button and select the desired item.


If you want to reset all the modified settings panel instrumentsIn the "Tools" menu, select "Settings", then click on the tab "Commands" in the window that opens, select an item and press button "Reset All". After that, the values ​​for these positions will be those that were originally on your computer after installation.

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