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Adaptation for kindergarten

Adaptation for kindergarten

When it comes time for a child to go to kindergarten, parents are faced with some problems more often.

It is a mistake to believe that the beginning of walking in the garden - a process that has to take place without any roughness, and without much parental involvement.

In the same period of adaptation to the new conditions in the kindergarten child ever needs the help and support of parents.

To get started is to make sure that the child is inIt has the desired degree of self-service skills. This will greatly facilitate the life of a child in kindergarten. Conversely, the inability to do something of the essential things is very complicate the lives of the baby and can completely discourage him all desire to attend kindergarten. And even if the parent some skill does not seem very much necessary for the child, it is worth paying attention to it, if the child is experiencing in this regard.
It is possible that a simple inability to cut with scissorsbox does not give the child the opportunity to join the other children during play or when they are just engaged thereby cutting out the squares. Then the parents need to support the child and, armed with tenderness and patience, to teach the child not only to cut squares and circles and triangles.
This approach will allow the child is not easy to findcommon point of interaction with other children, but also something to become the ringleader. But this is very important - just once feel the leader of the children's company. It is very important for the formation of an adequate self-esteem of the child and the ability to communicate with other children.
In general, the ability to communicate and interact inthe team is one of the important functions of the kindergarten. Therefore, before visiting the kindergarten child can start to drive on the playground with a large number of children, if previously not done. If the child is shy, then parents can help him to join the team, by having started the game with other kids. For the child's participation in this game will be much easier, because it organized a mom or dad. The game is to choose well known to the child, so that he knew the rules of the game.
If parents will not step back from the processaccustoming the child to kindergarten, but will, on the contrary, in every possible way to help him, this process will be as easy and enjoyable for the child. And perhaps in this kindergarten child will find friends for a lifetime. Well, or at least learn how to make friends.

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