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ADAPTATION TO Kindergarten


Adaptation to kindergarten</a>

When it comes time for a child to go to kindergarten, parents often face some problems.

It is a mistake to think that the beginning of going to the kindergarten is a process that should take place without any roughness and without the special participation of the parents.

In the period of adaptation to new conditions in kindergarten, the child as never needs the help and support of parents.

First, make sure that the child in theThe right degree owns the skills of self-service. This will greatly facilitate the life of the child in kindergarten. And vice versa, inability to do something from the obligatory things will complicate the life of the baby and can completely discourage him from all the desire to attend a kindergarten. And even if the parent does not seem to be very necessary to the child, it is worth paying attention to it if the child is experiencing it.
It is possible that the simple inability to cut with scissorsThe square does not allow the child to join other children during the game or when they are just doing the same excision of the squares. Then parents need to support the child and, armed with tenderness and patience, teach the child to cut not only squares, but circles and triangles.
This approach will allow the child not only to findCommon points of interaction with other children, but also in some way become a ringleader. But this is very important - at least once feel like a leader of a children's company. This is very important for the formation of adequate self-esteem of the child and the ability to communicate with other children.
In general, the ability to communicate and interact inCollective is one of the important functions of the kindergarten. Therefore, before the visit to the kindergarten, children can start to be led to children's playgrounds with a large number of children, if this was not done before. If the child is shy, then the parents can help him join the team, starting the game with other guys. For a child, participation in such a game will be much simpler, because it was organized by a mother or father. The game is to choose a well-known child so that he knows the rules of the game.
If the parents are not detached from the processAccustoming the child to a kindergarten, but will, on the contrary, help him in every possible way, this process will be as easy and pleasant for the child as possible. And it is possible in this kindergarten the child will find friends for the rest of his life. Well, or at least learn to be friends.

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