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How to activate the tablet

How to activate the tablet

Activation of the tablet - a special procedure designed to verify the authenticity of the device being used, as well as the establishment of personal data of the owner.

Without passing activation tablet will constantly display annoying reminder.



Complete the activation process that beginsimmediately after the first launch of the tablet. It usually consists of several activities, is to configure the current date and time, user name and personal data, select the network to connect to the Internet and other parameters. If you choose to skip this procedure, a reminder of her in the future may periodically appear on the main screen.


Go to the settings plate, if the processactivation does not start automatically. Select the appropriate option from the menu and go through the activation. Please note that in some cases, for the successful completion of the procedure, you must first set up an Internet connection, because the data on the registered device is sent to the site developer. Subsequently, in the event of various problems developers will receive the relevant report and quickly help to correct them.


Update the device software viaSettings menu. This is an important step, without which the activation is incomplete or did not start. This process can take several minutes, after which the device will be restarted.


Visit the official website of the plate developerand read the information on the device registration. Typically, the user needs to go through a short procedure to obtain the login and password, after which it gets access to the personal account.


To be able to make purchasesonline store developer through a special application (on the Apple tablet and Android) to get your ID and enter your billing information. This procedure also starts automatically when you first turn on the device, or run through the settings menu.

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