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How to activate the service MTS Called

How to activate the service MTS Called

Mobile phone - a device which is switched off property and discharged at the wrong time.

So passed many important calls. Even turning on and charge the phone, it is impossible to know - you called someone else or not.

But MTS always cares about its customers and created the service "You have been called." It is designed to notify all missed calls in an SMS.

The service is switched off or out of network coverage your phone.



MTS connects the service automatically. All new subscribers of the company, "You have been called" to make a list of operations performed on the SIM card. This also applies to the Internet, and USSD-request. Activate the service when the phone is switched with inserted therein a SIM card.


The service «You have been called" not connected. This is possible with the old subscribers and those who have not ordered it immediately. For non-activated MTS customers need to enable this service by using the SMS or in a service center MTS.


The first method is the activation of this service: send an SMS - on message number ** 62 * 110110 # "call". This service will be activated After a few minutes, what will come in the form of reciprocal notification SMS.


You can also be activated via"Forward." To do this, the phone menu to find the "Settings". They - "Challenges". Upon entering this section, you can see the list of services, among which is the "Forwarding". It contains a section "Always" or "Out of reach". You press the "Enable" or enter the number (110110) and OK. And the service "You have been called" activated.


There are times when the subscriber can not manycall. To solve this problem, you can also activate the service "You have been called." It is enough to dial the following USSD-request: ** 67 * 110110 # "call" is activated and SMS service - alerts, which immediately will give the numbers of all who call during your phone conversation.


Also, it happens that a person is not immediately hearphone ring. In this case, you can also activate the service "Who Called" with the following command: ** 61 * 110110 # "call". It is activated after the first 15 seconds of the call and unresponsive instantly notifies user about all the missed calls.


If all the methods tried, but the service and does not work, you need to call the operator and tell him about the problem.

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